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High wave flooding in West Maui predicted through new online tool

WEST MAUI — A high-resolution, real-time wave run-up forecast tool, able to predict coastal flooding up to six days in advance, has been developed for the West Maui shoreline. The Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) created the novel online tool that will help increase preparedness and coastal resiliency for West Maui community members, property owners, businesses as well as state and county officials. West Maui’s shoreline has experienced an increase in wave plus tide-driven flooding in recent years, and these events are expected to grow in numbers and ...

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Anella Saito-Takabayashi to speak at Rotary meeting

KAANAPALI — Anella Saito-Takabayashi will make an in-person presentation at the hybrid meeting of the Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15, at the Royal Ocean Terrace Restaurant at the Royal Lahaina Resort. The meeting will also be available via Zoom for ...



Need to record video and take a picture at the same time?

When I need to type a number using my iPhone’s Message App, I have to tap the “123 key,” and all the numbers appear. After typing in the number, I have to tap the “ABC” key to return back to letters. Well, I have a much faster way of doing this. Press on the “123” key, ...



New hotline launched to report derelict fishing gear

Marine debris is a major problem in West Maui and throughout the state. According to the state Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR), derelict fishing gear, such as nets, is responsible for entangling turtles, humpback whales and other marine life. It’s not hard ...