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Leigh’s dream Gallerie 505 reopens to show 24 artists

By Staff | Jan 10, 2013

Impressionist Anna Good will welcome visitors to the grand reopening of 505 Gallerie.

LAHAINA – Hawaiiana artist Belinda Leigh will hold a grand reopening of her newly expanded dream Gallerie 505.

Leigh stripped the gallery to the bare walls to showcase the work of 24 artists, including Anna Good and Neo Pop artist Davo.

The all-new Gallerie 505 of International Art at the 505 Front Street shops will open with new artists, old favorites and new art consultants.

The reopening from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 11, will feature a Hawaiian blessing, wine and cheese and appearances by leading artists working at easels.

Located a few blocks down from the Banyan Tree with Feast of Lele and Pacific’o and I’o restaurants as neighbors, the gallery features the work of local artists. These include Davo, who apprenticed with Andy Warhol; Good, a modern Impressionist who uses a pallet knife to apply heavy, thick paint; Kim McDonald, who is known for her whimsical depictions of Polynesians; artist-photographer Randy Miller, who is famous for his eight-foot murals; and Impressionist Andy Walton.

The gallery’s international star is Sam Park, known as the grandfather of New Impressionism. Park’s work, including such paintings as “Barcelona” and “Siena Sunset,” is exhibited in 60 galleries around the world. Leigh said her gallery has the largest collection on canvas.

Leigh, a one-time social worker with a lifelong interest in art, opened her first Gallerie 505 in 2008. The new gallery has the capability to feature more artists.

Susan Figg, well-known as a local art consultant, and Jeff Blair have joined the gallery to work alongside Leigh.