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Top flag fish for Lahaina Harbor in 2018

By Staff | Jan 24, 2019

From left, Deckman Tony Nunez, Erica Moore, Capt. Jonny Keiley and Deckman Kapono Brown landed this 60.2-pound spearfish.

LAHAINA – The Die Hard 2 landed a “Toad” of an ahi, weighing a 181.6-pound “Allison” yellowfin. Capt. Fuzzy Alboro and Deckman Sam Thies also boated 103.8- and 95.4-pound ahi.

They were at the HS-Buoy, located 11 miles off the south corner end of Maui, about an hour before sunrise. Sam bridled an opelu for Fuzzy as he fished off the bridge. He dropped the bait into the water as Fuzzy freespooled it backward. Before Sam could get his bait bridled up, Fuzzy’s bait got bit.

It was a 25-minute fight on 125-pound test line. The 181.6-pound ahi was the largest for 2018. It was also the largest since May of 2015.

Just one day after a record-sized 181.6-pound yellowfin was weighed, the Start Me Up Das It brought in a 181.2-pound yellowfin. What are the odds in that? Angler Bill Campbell was fishing with Capt. Ross Elkins and Deckman Shawn Carter.

The game plan was to put out a spread of ahi lures and make a pass by the HS-Buoy sitting in 650 fathoms six miles southeast off Halona Point, Kahoolawe. There had been trolling strikes for the past few days, either leaving the buoy or coming up to the JJ-Buoy off the south side of Kahoolawe. About halfway between the buoys, they had a strike on the long gone lure. It was a 30-minute fight on 100-test line.

From left, Capt. Ross Elkins, Bill Campbell and Deckman Shawn Carter caught this 181.2-pound ahi.

This 181.2-pound “Allison” yellowfin ate a one-inch jet head with four-inch long skirts, rigged with a single 5.0 hook. It was just a four-tenths- of-a-pound difference, taking the second place spot in the ahi stats for 2018.

The Start Me Up Das It won this year’s Lahaina Yacht Club Spring Wahine Tournament with a record-sized striped marlin weighing 99.2 pounds by Jenna Wedekind. She was fishing with Capt. Ross Elkins, Deckman Shawn Carter and teammate Co-capt. Sammi Elkins.

Ross trolled around the corner of the Palaoa Point Lighthouse, Lanai, toward Kaumalapau to a spot they like fishing. They were 300 fathoms off Kaumalapau Harbor when they had a solid strike on the long gone position.

This was the first fish that Jenna had ever caught, taking her 12 minutes to land it on 80-test line.

The Start Me Up Again landed a record-sized spearfish weighing 60.2 pounds by wahine angler Erica Moore. She was fishing with Capt. Jonny Keiley and Deckmen Kapono Brown and Tony Nunez.

Jonny was in 500 fathoms just inside the MC-Buoy located 13 miles southwest of the Palaoa Point Lighthouse, Lanai. They had a solid strike on the long gone center rod. It was a 15- to 20-minute fight on 100-test line.

Erica’s record 60.2-pound spearfish was the largest spearfish by a wahine angler for Lahaina Harbor since 1983. It was the largest weighed since 2007 and sixth largest since 1983 for Lahaina Harbor.

The largest spearfish documented out of Lahaina Harbor since 1983 was a 71.6-pounder in 2001.