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Nearly 80 students join Sacred Hearts’ cross country team

By Staff | Dec 27, 2018

The cross country program has grown from eight students last year to more than 70 in the 2018-19 school year.

LAHAINA – Thad and Sandy Henry have consistently been supporters of West Maui youth programs, including sports activities for the keiki. That effort has taken on a bright, new dimension, as Sandy has taken her parent volunteer position at Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina to a new level with the introduction of a K-8 cross country team.

She introduced the cross country program four years ago and gained official status just last year with eight student-athletes making up the team. Fast forward to August 2018, and Coach Sandy was staring into the bright-eyed faces of 76 SHS children eagerly awaiting their first long distance running workout.

“The kids just can’t wait to start running when school starts in August,” said Coach Sandy, who is a member of the School Advisory Board and treasurer of the Parent Teachers Guild, last week. “We train on the school campus field after school twice a week and have meets on Saturdays. Last year was the first year for a sports team here at Sacred Hearts School, and the season is very short (for cross country), lasting only two-and-a half-months.”

Both Sandy and new SHS Principal Dr. Miguel Solis envision more athletic programs at the independent school, including volleyball and track and field.

“Dr. Miguel Solis is all in for bringing more sports programs to Sacred Hearts School for the children to participate in. Who knows? Maybe we can start up a soccer team in the future. The kids want me to coach it,” said Sandy, who is a coach in the local AYSO and HYSA organizations).”

She describes herself simply as a mom (to their son, Cameron, a student at SHS) that devotes her time to the children and the school.

“But it’s for the kids, and I’m just a parent volunteer and the cross country coach. But I do get suckered into other things and just can’t say no. Next year, I plan on taking over and expanding the track and field program. I just go where they need me,” she concluded.