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Start Me Up La Dat weighs 401.0-pound blue marlin

By Staff | Apr 27, 2017

From left, deckman Dave Bergman, Scott Thew and his wife, and Capt. Jay Rifkin with their 401-pound marlin caught on Start Me Up La Dat. PHOTO BY DONNELL TATE.

LAHAINA – The Start Me Up La Dat recently weighed a 401.0-pound marlin by Scott Thew. He was fishing with Capt. Jay Rifkin and deckman Dave Bergman. They raised their fish in only 50 fathoms off Kamaiki Point, Lanai, as they headed down the south side toward Manele.

The marlin grabbed the long gone lure and took off on a 350-yard run, jumping and greyhounding across the surface, getting them close to the Dacron backing. As soon as Dave got the lines cleared, Jay started to reverse after the fish.

Immediately, the starboard engine wouldn’t go into gear. Jay maneuvered the boat forward to get it straight on the marlin. He tried to slowly reverse after the fish with only the port engine, but the boat kept turning to the starboard side.

Not being able to chase after it, Jay told Dave to push up the drag to the button to try and slow the marlin’s run as it continued to stay on the surface.

Jay had to basically keep the boat idle reverse, in and out of gear, trying to keep the fish straight behind the boat.

About 20 minutes into the fight, they finally got the fish stopped. Jay was frustrated because he couldn’t “get after it.” The marlin made another short run, still staying on the surface.

They had the marlin to double line 20 minutes later, with it swimming back and forth across the stern. Before Scott could get it to leader, the fish turned its head and swam away 20-30 yards.

Jay tried to get the marlin up on the starboard side, because that was the way the boat was turning, but it didn’t want to cooperate. It kept wanting to go to the port side, so Jay turned the boat hard over and let the fish come up on the port side.

They had the marlin back to double line ten minutes later. Jay kept the boat idle ahead with the fish. Dave started to pull on the double line. As he tried to take wraps on the leader, the fish swam to the starboard side and dug down.

As the marlin started going back across the stern, Dave stayed with it, took wraps on the starboard corner and pulled it up. He held on to his wraps as Jay finally got it secured.