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SkateMD to host skateboard clinic for children with special needs

By Staff | Apr 20, 2017

As a sport that champions individual progress over competition, skateboarding has been a great fit for children with special needs. The organization celebrates small victories and gives a lot of high-fives.

LAHAINA – On Sunday, April 30, in partnership with the County of Maui, SkateMD will host children ages 5-17 with special needs for a free one-on-one skateboard clinic and experience at Lahaina Skate Park.

SkateMD is a Northern California-based nonprofit with a mission to heal hearts by spreading kindness and skateboarding to special populations of children facing developmental, physical, emotional or family challenges.

The one-on-one skateboard clinics are designed to empower children who have physical and developmental disabilities with fun, exercise and positive interactions.

SkateMD has successfully hosted over two years of programming and received much support within their own community. But with several of SkateMD’s board members and volunteers visiting Maui for a wedding, an opportunity was presented for SkateMD to bring services and kindness to another community.

There will be adequate support for children, including one-on-one mentors who skateboard as well as volunteers who work with children with special needs, like licensed physical therapists.

This could be the perfect opportunity to try skateboarding! SkateMD wants parents to know that this event is not just for kids interested in skateboarding or only for “athletic” children.

The event will be free to participants and includes snacks and drinks, skateboard equipment and surprises in store!

Registration is now open; parents of eligible children must e-mail skatemd.healinghearts@gmail.com with the child’s name, age and disability. SkateMD will respond to parents with registration instructions and the link to complete enrollment and secure a spot.

SkateMD is excited to involve the local community in the event. They have utilized local vendors for supplies and also seek local skateboarders and community members for volunteer roles. Visit www.skatemdhh.com for more information.