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Start Me Up marlin tears up the surface

By Staff | Oct 8, 2015

From left, Blaine MacDonald, deckman Josh Boulds and Capt. Timster with their 461.1-pound marlin. PHOTO BY DONNELL TATE.

LAHAINA – The Start Me Up, with Captain Timster and deckman Josh Boulds, had back-to-back 400-pound blue marlin, with this fish weighing 461.1 pounds by Blaine MacDonald.

They raised their fish in the spot off Kamaiki, Lanai, where several other marlin were caught over the past few days. Timster had the boat just past the ledge, LA-marks side of the finger, when Josh saw something behind the long rigger lure.

There was a slight wake behind the lure, with Josh shouting out, “Long rigger, long rigger!” Everyone watched the area for about ten seconds, with the marlin making three passes on the lure before it finally grabbed it.

The marlin smoked the 130-class reel, taking 200 yards before it started jumping. It pulled off another 100 yards as it tore up the surface, going berserk in all directions. It stopped its run just before the Dacron backing splice.

Timster was real aggressive after the marlin as it stayed near the surface. He had the boat in hard reverse for about 15 minutes, as Blaine kept up the pace and packed the spool. “It was nice and quick,” mentioned Timster.

As they got it to double line, they slowed the attack to watch the fish down below as it swam along with them. Josh grabbed the double line on the starboard side and started to pull it up. The marlin took off on a short zip, with Josh letting it go.

Josh had the double line right back in hand and pulled it up off the port corner. The marlin darted to the starboard side and then turned, with Josh following it across the stern, taking wraps, back to the port corner. Josh held leader as the fish then dove under the stern back to the starboard side. The fish was tired and started to roll, with Josh pulling it up along the side of the boat. Timster was able to get it secured in less than 30 minutes.