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SUPilates comes to West Maui

By Staff | May 7, 2015

SUPilates classes are typically offered from beginner through advanced and can include simple balance poses, fluid movements and even headstands, if participants are up for it.

LAHAINA – Take your yoga and pilates practice off the mat and onto the water! Maui Surf Clinics and Body in Balance Pilates and Personal Training Studio have teamed up to offer SUPilates and Yoga classes for everyone.

SUPilates and Yoga is a fusion of paddle-boarding with pilates and yoga movements practiced on the ocean.

These activities have much more in common than you would imagine. Both require the same points of focus: balance, deep core awareness and strength, and a profound need for mental presence.

“It’s honestly much easier than it sounds,” said Kristin McFarland, owner of Maui Surf Clinics, who supplies the stand-up paddleboards (SUP) for the classes.

Everyone can enjoy SUP Yoga if they are willing to get wet. Paddleboards range from 10-12 feet long and 2-3 feet wide, creating a stable base for practice. There is brief instruction on land, including a safety overview by Body in Balance’s certified paddle board instructors.

Most beginners quickly get used to the board’s stability, allowing them to focus on poses and enjoy the class.

“I was super nervous because I’ve never been on a paddleboard and I just started doing pilates,” said first-time student Erin, “but they made it so easy and fun! I couldn’t believe I could do it! It was amazing!”

While it seems unlikely, the paddle is a great all-around yoga or pilates prop utilized for stability and alignment.

Students explore a variety of poses to increase stability and find a deeper connection with their mind and body.

“Every student works at their own level,” explained Amanda Furgiuele, owner of Body in Balance.

Not crazy about the water? Body in Balance also offers Balanced Board Yoga in the studio.

“Balanced Board Yoga was inspired by SUP Yoga,” said Furgiuele. “Balanced Board Yoga classes allow fans of SUP Yoga, or those who are nervous on the water, to enjoy the same type of workout they would get on a paddleboard, only drier! The board makes you focus more on perfect form and core stability.”

Group classes are $30 ($80 for a private lesson), with a $10 board rental fee if you need a board. For more information or a class schedule, contact Furgiuele at www.bodybalancemaui.com or call 661-1116.