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Top flag fish of 2014

By Staff | Jan 22, 2015

From left, Kole Scott, deckman Peter Wong and Capt. Chris Wong caught this record-sized 103.4-pound striped marlin. PHOTOS BY DONNELL TATE.

LAHAINA – The Hinatea landed a record-sized striped marlin in February weighing 103.4 pounds by 12-year-old Kole Scott. He was fishing with Capt. Chris Wong and deckman Peter Wong. This is the largest striped marlin caught since Feb. 18, 2011.

Tis the season for striped marlin, when and if they show up during their peak run January through March. Last year, there were 16 weighed and four released in January. February saw 39 weighed and 27 released for a two-month total of 55 weighed and 31 released. March saw 14 still hanging around, with three weighed and 11 released. The average weight was 30-40 pounds.

For 2014, there were 68 weighed and 43 released for a yearly total of 111 fish.

The Start Me Up Again landed the largest shortnose spearfish for the year with a 48.2-pound fish by Gloria Krinbill. She was fishing with Capt. Jason Duby and deckman Rob Cosgrove.

It was a pretty good two-month season for spearfish. There were 44 weighed and 14 released in January. February saw nine weighed and 11 released for a two-month total of 53 weighed and 25 released. There were 77 weighed and 28 released for a yearly total of 105 fish.

From left, George Austin, Capt. Tad Luckey and deckman Brian Edmisson caught the year’s biggest ono at 90.2 pounds.

There were a couple of 50-pound mahi to hit the scales – the largest being a 57.2-pounder aboard the No Problem with Capt. Ryan Thomas and deckman Jimmy Francis. A 50.4-pound fish was landed aboard the Finest Kind with Captains Dave Hudson and Chad Leonillo.

The Reel Luckey brought in a new Lahaina Harbor record ono, one that had stood for over 30 years, weighing in at 90.2 pounds by George Austin. He was fishing with Capt. Tad Luckey and deckman Brian Edmisson.

This is the largest ono since the late 1970s (1978-79), when a 78-pounder was landed by Capt. Denny Putnam aboard the Islander II with the late Capt. Jack Huddleston. In April of 1983, another 78-pounder was landed aboard the Charger with Capt. Mike Kearns.

This new Lahaina Harbor record 90.2-pound ono was 69 inches long with a half-body girth of 15 inches. The Hawaii state record ono is 133.2 pounds.

Top Ahi in 2014

This 197.8-pound ahi was landed by (from left) deckman Sean Hudson, Capt. Sal Tarantino and Alex Paxton.

The anticipated arrival of the 100-plus-pound ahi finally made a showing in June, with 16 caught in just 14 days. This was the best run and month since 1995 (20 years). The top tuna weighed 197.8, 181.0, 168.1, and 163.0 pounds. Several boats had multiple fish.

The Reel Hooker boated a “toad” sized yellowfin “Allison” tuna weighing 197.8 pounds with Capt. Sal Tarantino and deckman Sean Hudson. They were heading out on a morning charter, before light, on their way toward Lanai. Sal mentioned that they were in 17 fathoms of water, a mile-and-a-half from the harbor entrance L-Buoy, when they got the strike on the short rigger position. They landed their fish in 40 minutes on 100-test line. This is the largest yellowfin tuna for the year and the 17th largest ahi by a Lahaina Harbor Charter Sportfishing boat since 1977.

The Die Hard 2 pulled in a 168.1-pound yellowfin “Allison” tuna with Capt. Rich Lynch and deckman Capt. Jamie. They were in 1,000 fathoms of water between the MC and NASA buoys off the backside of Lanai. It was a 25-minute fight using 130-test line from the short rigger position. This is the largest tuna by a wahine angler and the third largest for the year.

The Jun Ken Po weighed a nice yellowfin “Allison” tuna at 163.0 pounds with Capt. Patrick Dorn and deckman Dyllon Smith. They were on an afternoon four-hour trip, fishing for ono in the “Secret Spot” area in 24 fathoms off Launiupoko. It was a short rigger bite on 130-test gear, taking them only 12 minutes to boat the fish.

The Jun Ken Po had a fantastic triple yellowfin “Allison” tuna day, with Captains Gabriel Rogers and Randy Evans weighing 123.6-, 114.0- and 105.2-pound ahi.

The Action caught four yellowfin “Allison” tuna during an 11-day period. Capt. Jonny Keiley and deckman Rob Cosgrove picked up 136.4-, 119.2- and 110.0-pounders, with Capt. Juuka Hyytia and Capt. Keiley weighing a 115.1-pounder.

The Kai Akua had a nice double yellowfin “Allison” tuna day, with 144.1- and 137.7-pounders by Capt. Greg France and deckman Jason Edmisson.

The No Problem picked up three yellowfin “Allison” tuna in two days, weighing 181, 146, and 130 pounds, with Capt. Ryan Thomas and deckman Jimmy Francis.