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Greeters, sponsors sought for 2014 Vic-Maui Yacht Race

By Staff | Apr 3, 2014

Kinetic nears the Vic-Maui finish line in West Maui. PHOTO BY ARTHUR FROE.

LAHAINA – Lahaina Yacht Club extends the opportunity to participate as a local sponsor for the 2014 Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race (Vic-Maui) by assisting with greetings, donations or volunteering.

Since 1968, the Lahaina and Royal Vancouver Yacht Clubs have hosted the biennial Vic-Maui race from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, to Lahaina.

Vic-Maui is the only international yacht race in the Pacific that starts in a foreign country and finishes the race in the USA… right here on Maui.

The pinnacle of Pacific Northwest ocean racing, the race covers a distance of over 2,308 nautical miles. The Vic-Maui race was first contested in 1965 and has been sailed every two years since 1968.

The start venue is in Victoria, where pre-start preparations are completed in the picturesque Inner Harbor. The boats will depart from Victoria between July 3 and 7.

The fleet starts just outside the harbor, sails out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, leaves Cape Flattery on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and heads across the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

Boats navigate to sail around the North Pacific High and into the tradewinds for the sub-tropical run with the wind at their backs and following seas to surf to Hawaii.

Days and nights at sea pass with sightings of whales, dolphins and albatross under spectacular sunrises, sunsets and brilliant starry nights.

The finish venue is in West Maui, just offshore of the Aston Kaanapali Shores Resort. The boats will begin arriving on Maui from approximately July 14 until the race time limit, set at midnight on July 24, 2014.

As boats cross the finish line, they are escorted to Lahaina, where the Pioneer Inn, local Maui volunteers, family and friends greet each boat and crew in the Hawaiian tradition. After the greeting, the crew, family and friends enjoy a stay on Maui and attend a festive awards banquet on July 26.

Lahaina Yacht Club, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, the yacht race teams, and their visiting families and friends are offering local residents a chance to be involved with this historic race. The community’s continued involvement shows Maui’s true aloha spirit.

“Adopt a Yacht,” stated Dan O’Hanlon, the Lahaina Yacht Club Vic-Maui event chairman.

Lahaina Yacht Club extends the opportunity to participate as a greeter or a local sponsor. Greeters have a direct relationship with their chosen boat, its crew, its visiting families and support groups. They form a greeter team and host a welcoming greeting party when the boat arrives. This is a real aloha moment for the crews after sailing over 2,308 nautical miles from Victoria, British Colombia to the finish line in West Maui.

Greeters are the very first onshore contacts to hear the exciting accounts of the voyage.

Sponsorship beyond greetings varies, each with its own privileges in addition to media and public relations support. National sponsorship opportunities are also available.

To learn more about hosting a greeter team, e-mail greetvicmaui@lyc.us. To sign up for a sponsor information presentation, contact Patti Link at (808) 214-2868 or patti@ mauiadvertising.com.