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Honoring 2013’s top captains at Lahaina Harbor

By Staff | Feb 20, 2014

LAHAINA – Trying to come up with the top captain statistics for billfish has several variables. Just looking at total numbers doesn’t reflect all the variables in coming up with the final rankings for the top Lahaina Harbor Charter Sportfishing boat captain.

I look at all the variables in each category, give them a number and try to come up with a fair ranking. The final statistics are my own and are open to opinion and interpretation.

Now, the rankings for the top captains

I would, again, like to take a moment to remember a friend and a top captain, Steve “Skillet” Lambert, 2/16/2012; Tight Lines Forever…

Capt. Jason Duby took top honors as the top Sportfishing Charterboat captain for Lahaina Harbor in 2013 among the 33 captains that caught a billfish. He accumulated his billfish while fishing aboard the Action, Start Me Up Again and Start Me Up La Dat.

Jason weighed ten blue marlin (most among the fleet) totaling 2,549.9 pounds (highest blue weight). He also released three blue marlin (second most) estimated at 475 pounds (second highest total release weight). This gave Jason 13 blue marlin captured (highest blue capture total) totaling 3,024.9 pounds (highest blue capture weight).

Jason also weighed one striped marlin at 33.4 pounds and seven shortnose spearfish (most spearfish weighed) totaling 221.9 pounds (highest spearfish weight).

This gave Jason 21 billfish for the year (most among the fleet) totaling 3,280.2 pounds (highest total billfish weight).

Taking the second place spot was Capt. Greg France. While fishing aboard the Reel Hooker, he weighed eight blue marlin (tied for second most) totaling 2,196.1 pounds (second highest blue weight). He also released one blue marlin estimated at 150 pounds. This gave Greg nine blue marlin captured (second most) totaling 2,346.1 pounds (second highest blue capture weight).

Greg also weighed one spearfish at 27 pounds. This gave Greg ten billfish for the year (tied for sixth most) totaling 2,373.1 pounds (second highest total billfish weight).

Coming in third place was Capt. Sal Tarantino. While fishing aboard the Exact, Exact 1, Finest Kind and Reel Hooker, he weighed eight blue marlin (tied for second most) totaling 1,994.2 pounds (third highest blue weight).

Sal also weighed one striped marlin at 15 pounds and three spearfish totaling 93 pounds. This gave him 12 billfish weighed (tied for second most weighed and fifth most captured) totaling 2,102.2 pounds (third highest total billfish weight and fifth highest capture weight).

Fishing for only eight months, Capt. Brandon McKinley ended up in fourth place, fishing aboard the Start Me Up La Dat. He weighed seven blue marlin (third most weighed and fourth most captured) totaling 1,890.8 pounds (fourth highest blue weight).

Brandon also weighed three spearfish totaling 98.9 pounds. This gave Brandon ten billfish weighed (fourth most) totaling 1,989.7 pounds (fourth highest total billfish weight).

He released one striped marlin estimated at 75 pounds and four spearfish (most spearfish released) estimated at 105 pounds (highest estimated weight). This gave Brandon five billfish released (tied for second most) totaling 180 pounds.

Brandon had a total of 15 billfish captured (third most) totaling 2,169.7 pounds (fourth highest capture weight).