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Top flag fish for 2013

By Staff | Feb 6, 2014

From left, Krystal Nichols and Captains Dan Shaffer and Rich Lynch caught this rare sailfish near Black Rock. PHOTOS BY DONNELL TATE.

LAHAINA – The largest striped marlin for 2013 weighed in at 88.1 pounds. It was angled by Melissa Voyvodich fishing aboard the Finest Kind with Capt. Kamal Pfeifle and deckman Adam Klevins.

The second largest weighed 75.8 pounds by John Matheson. He was fishing aboard the Kai Akua with Captains Chad Leonillo and Ryan Thomas. There were only 13 striped marlin weighed and five released during the year, totaling 18 fish. It was second lowest total of striped marlin weighed since 2010, the third lowest total released since 2008 and the second lowest total striped marlin captured since 1988 (26 years).

There was a tie for the largest shortnose spearfish. The Start Me Up Cuz weighed the first one at 54.2 pounds with Capt. Craig Schuler and deckman Johnny French. The next one was aboard the Finest Kind, weighing 54.2 pounds, by Mike Borgeld. He was fishing with Capt. Dave Hudson and deckman Sean Hudson.

It was a below average shortnose spearfish year with 62 weighed and 15 released, totaling 77 fish (seventh lowest total catch in 26 years).

A surprisingly rare catch was boated aboard the Desperado right outside Black Rock point (Pu’u Keka’a), with Krystal Nichols landing a 54.1-pound sailfish. She was fishing with Capt. Dan Shaffer and deckman Captain Rich Lynch. This was the only sailfish for the year.

Travis Castillon (left) and Olie Shipp weighed this record-sized 155.8-pound ulua.

The largest mahi weighed 48.9 pounds. It was landed aboard the Start Me Up La Dat with Capt. Brandon McKinley and deckman Chris Cole.

There were a couple of nice, 60-pound ono making the top stats. The largest weighed 62.1 pounds aboard the No Problem with Capt. Mason Jarvi and deckman Jimmy Francis. Next was a 62.0-pounder aboard the Start Me Up Cuz with Capt. Craig Schuler and deckman Johnny French.

A Hawaii state and IUSA World spearfishing record was awarded to Travis Castillon on his recent record-breaking catch of a giant trevally (white) ulua that weighed in at 155.8 pounds.

Travis was free-diving with Capt. Olie Shipp and friends Dennis Taugauasi and Jason Blue aboard a UFO Parasail boat. His ulua was 66 inches (5.5 feet) from nose to tail, with a half-body girth of 22.25 inches.

There were two mako sharks landed during the year. The “weekend warrior” Puff Daddy brought in a 185.4-pound mako shark by Kameahou Blevins. He was fishing with his uncle, Capt. Dennis Blevins. This was the first mako for Lahaina since August 2011. The other mako weighed 164.4 pounds and was landed aboard the Finest Kind with Capt. Kamal Pfeifle and deckman Sean Hudson.

Jimmy Francis (left) and Capt. Mason Jarvi caught this 62.1-pound ono.