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Lahaina Yacht Club sets sail on a new charted course

By Staff | Jun 20, 2013

After learning the ropes, Junior Sailing Summer Program kids hit the water.

LAHAINA – For many years, Lahaina Yacht Club (LYC) has been known as a “social club.” Today, the younger “socialites” set sail on a new charted course to encourage the sport of sailing!

LYC is gaining momentum with its Junior Sailing Summer Program. LYC just completed Class A during the week of June 3. The class of 30 juniors (ages 7-15), some novice, others experienced, were split into three groups to learn the fundamentals of sailing, knot tying and logistics of operating a sailboat. After a couple hours of training, the kids helped put the boats in the water and applied their knowledge to sailing. When the kids were asked about the experience, they replied that they had fun, learned a lot and are ready to sail some more.

On June 17-21, LYC is offering Class B (you may see juniors sailing inside the reef in front of the yacht club). This year, LYC had a wait list of over 20 kids, so members look forward to offering future programs.

Fleet Captain Curtis Robb, Treasurer Mike Sowers, RC Sail Dano O’Hanlon and many other volunteers help make this junior program a success!

LYC owns a fleet of Open Bic (14), Sabot (seven), Lasers (four), Lido 14 (one) and Olson 30 sailboats – a variety of vessels for the many members to learn and race, once experienced.

The club also offers Beginning Adult Sailing Classes. This is a five-week, hands-on sailing lesson with a U.S. Sailing-certified instructor and five students per class. The class includes a U.S. Sailing Book, certificate, light lunch and hands-on training aboard the Olson 30 sailboat.

In addition to sailing classes, a group of enthusiastic lady sailors meet monthly to sail “Snickers” (Olson 30).

Grab your gloves and get onboard as LYC tacks and jibes in new directions! Lahaina Yacht Club is always looking for more sailors. Give the club a call today to learn more about sailing programs.

For more information about the sailing program or joining Lahaina Yacht Club, contact Commodore Lars Bertelsen at 661-0191 or commodore@lyc.us.