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Maui powerlifters set records at world championships in Vegas

By Staff | Jan 10, 2013

West Maui powerlifters train at Valley Isle Fitness.

LAHAINA – The WABDL World Bench Press and Dead Lift World Championships were held recently at Bally’s and the Paris Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the team competition, Hawaii sent three teams that finished first, third and seventh out of 23 teams. The Maui team sent 12 lifters.

Leading the way, Liz Cabe, weighing in at 93 pounds, won her fifth straight deadlift world title. Competing in the 97-pound weight class, she had a winning lift of 325 pounds in the Women’s Open and Master Divisions.

Cabe also won the 97-pound weight class bench press at 115 pounds in the Women’s Open and Master Divisions. She was awarded outstanding Female Deadlifter honors in both divisions.

Collen Loo won the 105-pound weight class, Women’s Open Division, in the bench press with a 148-pound lift. Loo also finished second in the deadlift with a new Hawaii state record of 333 pounds.

Velma Panlasigui, competing in the 132-pound weight class, took first in the Women’s Master Division bench press with a 170-pound effort. She finished second in the Open Division bench press.

Panlasigui also took home her fifth Master Division deadlift world title by pulling 308 pounds. She also finished fourth in the Open Division deadlift.

Darnell Criste, competing in the 148-pound weight class, won the Women’s Master Division bench press with a 190-pound lift and took second in the Open Division bench press.

Julie Kimoto, in the 220-pound weight class, took first in the Law Enforcement Division bench press, setting a new world record with a press of 270 pounds.

In the Men’s Division, Llumel Magana, currently attending the University of Arizona, competed in the Teen Division. He took home the bench press title at 358 pounds and also won the deadlift title with a new state record of 523 pounds.

Five junior men competed for Maui.

Manuel Chaparro took fourth in the 181-pound Junior Men Division deadlift with a 450-pound lift.

Gabe Balboa took second in the Class I Men’s Division, as well as the Junior Men Division, in the deadlift with a 600-pound pull.

Amado Nacapuy Jr. took first in the Class I Men’s Division bench press, as well as first in the Junior Men Division bench press, at 429 pounds.

There were 660 lifters competing from all over the world. It was Team Hawaii’s second first place title in the last three years and the first time two Hawaii teams have finished in the top three places.

The West Maui Powerlifters train at Valley Isle Fitness in the Fairway Shops and are coached by Craig Desoto.

It was truly the best world championship contest they have ever attended, with every night drawing large crowds.

Friday night was the Open Women’s Division’s turn, with 40 women competing in the deadlift. The place was packed.

The best bench press of the tournament was by Tiny Meeker from Texas with a 1,005-pound press. The biggest deadlift was by Patrick Holloway from Arizona, who pulled 850 pounds.