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Start Me Up Again achieves very rare, record sailfish catch

By Staff | Nov 1, 2012

From left, John Keiley, Fabio Baracherini, Jarid Delorme and Jason Duby with their sailfish. PHOTO BY DONNELL TATE.

LAHAINA – Just five days after the Start Me Up Cuz weighed a rare sailfish, the Start Me Up Again landed a record, very rare, two sailfish. The largest one weighed 59.7 pounds by Jarid Delorme, with a 50.5-pound fish by Fabio Baracherini. They were fishing with Capt. Jason Duby and deckman John Keiley.

Jason headed out of town toward the LA-Buoy located about 12 miles south off Olowalu. He was two miles past “Secret Spot” when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a big splash in the distance. He thought, “What was that?” Jason then turned the boat in that direction.

They had traveled about 100 yards when they had a triple strike, with the long corner going off, then the short rigger and long rigger. The long rigger fish came off right away. The other two fish were jumping like crazy and looked like striped marlin. Jason shouted to John, “We got stripers!”

Jason left the helm right away and helped John clear lines. He kept the boat idled ahead until they had everything cleared and then went back to the helm. Fabio was in the chair, with Jarid sitting on the starboard gunnel behind his rod.

Fabio’s fish jumped quite a bit, 12-15 times, as it headed away from the boat. Jarid’s fish went down and stayed down the entire fight. Both fish came in pretty quick at around 5-10 minutes.

As they were bringing in Fabio’s fish, they were deciding if they were going to take the fish and let the other one go. They were still thinking they had two striped marlin. It was coming in really easy. Jason kept the boat idled ahead as John got ready to leader.

As the fish neared the boat, they noticed that it was a sailfish. The fish couldn’t make up its mind which direction it wanted to go. Eventually, it settled on the starboard side. John reached out, grabbed leader and just led it up beside the boat. As soon as Jason stuck the gaff, the hooks fell out.

John reached down, grabbed the bill and they pulled it in the boat. After everybody realized they had caught a sailfish, at that point, it was time to leader Jarid’s fish. As John grabbed the leader, he thought it was a striped marlin, because the sail wasn’t out.

When he pulled it up beside the boat, he realized it was another sailfish. They made a quick decision to take the fish, because nobody was going to believe that they caught two sailfish.

This was a vary rare, record catch, with two sailfish landed on the same boat. The last time a double sailfish catch was recorded in Lahaina Harbor, aboard a single boat was May 1993 aboard the Hinatea. It has only happened six times since 1989, also aboard the Absolute, Judy Ann II, Mano Kela and Secnarf. Since 1979, there have been only 77 sailfish recorded in Lahaina Harbor. There have been four sailfish caught so far this year.