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New website provides detailed information on Hawaii seafood

By Staff | Jun 9, 2011

People want to know where their fish comes from, how it was caught and if it is tasty, healthy and sustainable. To address this need, the Hawaii Seafood Council (HSC) has launched a new website dedicated to presenting information to support Hawaii seafood and fisheries.

The website at www.hawaii-seafood.org provides the following educational resources on Hawaii seafood for the fishing and seafood sectors, seafood enthusiasts and the general public:

• Basic information on the fish species, how they are caught, the importance of the Honolulu fish auction, how our fisheries operate and how they are managed for sustainability.

• Information on seafood quality, seafood and health, and seafood safety.

• Summaries of pertinent research results and assessments to support brand claims about Hawaii seafood.

• Downloadable versions of the “Keeping Hawaii Seafood Sustainable” and “Keeping Hawaii Seafood Safe to Eat” booklets.

• New information on the nutrient content, labeling and claims for the major species of wild-caught Hawaii seafood.

All people with an interest in Hawaii seafood and fisheries are encouraged to visit the Hawaii-seafood.org website. HSC is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Hawaii seafood and fisheries through education, outreach, and research on sustainability, seafood quality and seafood and health.

Hawaii seafood is a premium product. Hawaii has become a recognized source of premium fresh seafood, which is presently featured in some of the best restaurants in the islands and across the country.

This reputation has been earned through the combined efforts of Hawaii’s hardworking fishermen, fresh fish auction, wholesalers and innovative chefs, and through generic seafood promotion efforts that have helped to introduce the country to fresh Hawaii seafood.

High-profile Hawaii chefs have spearheaded the development of Pacific Rim or Hawaii Regional cuisine by featuring Hawaii seafood and other local products.

To make sure that Hawaii’s fresh fish stays among the highest quality available anywhere, and continues to be appreciated in the most discriminating seafood markets, the industry has developed and adopted best practices for proper fish handling and quality control at sea and on shore.

Fresh island seafood is one of the things that makes living in Hawaii so special. One of the top priorities of the Hawaii fishing and seafood industry is to make sure that our seafood is safe to eat. It’s the responsible thing to do. Safe and wholesome local seafood is vital for a healthy, nutritious diet for the people of Hawaii and others that enjoy Hawaii seafood.

It is widely accepted that there are health benefits from including more fish in one’s diet. There is strong evidence that the health benefits by far outweigh the risks of eating most types of seafood. However, seafood safety is a growing concern. Fortunately, there are only a few food safety hazards associated with certain types of seafood products among the many varieties available. Understanding the potential food safety risks and weighing them against the known benefits is the key to prevention.

Hawaii is a leader in the development and implementation of evidence-based seafood safety controls related specifically to our kinds of fish and our fishing and seafood operations.