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Lahaina Harbor’s top fish in 2010, Part II

By Staff | Jan 27, 2011

Crewman Jimmy Francis (left) and Capt. Chad Leonillo caught these 164.3-pound and 158.3-pound ahi. Photos by Donnell Tate.

It was another slow year for 100-pound tuna with only 18 being weighed totaling 2,206.7 pounds. It was the 11th lowest total since 1988.

The best month for ahi was May with nine over 100 pounds (164.3, 158.3, 131.9, 110, 107.9, 101, 100.9, 100.2, and 100) totaling 1,074.5 pounds.

The Finest Kind was the top boat with six over 100 pounds, totaling 790.4 pounds. It weighed the largest of the year at 164.3 pounds, along with a 158.3 (the third largest) with Capt. Chad Leonillo and crewman Jimmy Francis.

The No Problem weighed five ahi over 100 pounds, totaling 546 pounds, with Captains Rich Newcomb and Steve Lambert.

The second largest ahi weighed in at 163.3 pounds aboard the Reel Hooker with Capt. Greg France and crewman Peter Wong.

From left, Paulie Luuwai, Everett Godfrey and crewman Andy Payne weighed this 57.1-pound mahi.

The winter mahi fishing out of Lahaina Harbor was excellent. There were some exceptional catches being hung among the hundreds and hundreds of mahi landed during the three-month period.

July was an excellent month for both mahi and ono, with 182 mahi and 274 ono caught among the Lahaina fleet. The ono run slowed down in August, but there was an explosion of mahi hitting the docks on a daily basis during the month. There were at least 1,000 landed, with most in the 10- to 15-pound range.

The Die Hard weighed the largest mahi, topping the scales at 57.1 pounds by Everett Godfrey. He was fishing with Capt. Paulie Luuwai and crewman Andy Payne.

The Start Me Up Das It weighed a 49.5-pound female (cow) mahi with Capt. Randy Evans and crewman Rich Lynch. Male (bull) mahi are the larger of the species, with females averaging 15-20 pounds. This 5’7“-long, 11.5-inch half-girth fish is the largest female mahi that I have seen weighed in Lahaina Harbor in a long time.

The Start Me Up La Dat landed a nice female weighing 41 pounds with Captains Brandon McKinley and Mike Tappero.

From left, Tim Grant and Captains Ryan Fiedorowicz and Mike Tappero hooked 2010’s biggest ono at 58.4 pounds.

There were a couple of 47-pound bulls brought in. One was aboard the Action with Capt. Patrick Dorn and crewman Jukka Hyytia. The other was on the Finest Kind with Captains Dave Hudson and Chad Leonillo.

A 58.4-pound ono by Tim Grant made the top fish stats. He was fishing aboard the Start Me Up La Dat with Captains Ryan Fiedorowicz and Mike Tappero. This 5’3″-long, 12-inch half-girth fish is the 11th largest ono weighed since 1984 and the largest in the past two years.

The next largest ono weighed in at 55.5 pounds. It was landed aboard the Reel Hooker with Capt. Greg France and crewman Peter Wong.

Capt. Terry Kellam scored a 52-pounder aboard his boat, Tale Walker. A 45.6-pounder was captured aboard the Action with Capt. Brandon McKinley and crewman Jukka Hyytia. The Hinatea hauled in a 45-pounder with Captains Mark Shultz and Kevin McLaughlin.

The best ono catch was by ten-year-old Savanah Young. She landed a 43-pounder while fishing aboard the Kai Akua with Capt. Jeremy Webb and crewman Mason Jarvi.

Capt. Randy Evans (left) and crew Rich Lynch landed this 49.5-pound female mahi.

A 44-pound kaku (barracuda) was the largest in that category. It was landed aboard the Start Me Up Das It with Capt. Denny Putnam and crewman Rich Lynch.

Bottom fisherman Brendon Au weighed a new Hawaii State record with a two-pound, seven-ounce saba (chub mackerel) while fishing aboard the Scorpio. The previous state record was one-pound, two-ounces.