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Ikaika Kai sets the bar with 514.6-pound blue marlin

By Staff | Feb 4, 2010

From left, Capt. Darrin Auger, crewman Chris Wong and Kelly Griffith weigh their marlin.

LAHAINA — The Ikaika Kai weighed a nice blue marlin, setting the 2010 bar at 514.6 pounds, by Kelly Griffith. He was fishing with Capt. Darrin Auger and crewman Chris Wong.

Darrin was trolling down the 100-fathom ledge off Manele, Bay, Lanai, first thing in the morning when they raised the fish. Chris was just getting the pattern set up. As he put out the long rigger, the short corner reel started singing.

The marlin screamed out the 80-test line 400-plus yards, then made a series of jumps. It put on a great show with several full-body aerials, and then settled down. Darrin had the boat in full reverse backing right past the pattern.

Chris had Kelly in the chair as he cranked in the lines that were in front of the boat. The marlin was down but Darrin still had a good angle on it. He chased after the fish for 5-7 minutes as Kelly gained line. Darrin made sure Kelly was keeping up with him and keeping the line tight.

Kelly got three-quarters of the spool back in about 15 minutes. Darrin continued to follow the marlin as it swam down and away from them. It was a tough 15- to 20-minute tug-of-war as Kelly hauled up the last 250 yards.

From left, Capt. Hunter Betts, Randy Basile and Capt. Jeremy Webb show off their record-sized shortnose spearfish.

They had the marlin to leader swimming slowly with the boat. It was tired and didn’t put up much of a fight as it came up on the port side. Darrin idled the boat slowly ahead as Chris grabbed leader.

The marlin was digging down every now and then as Chris began to take wraps. Darrin uses long leaders, so Chris had to wrap and pull, wrap and pull 10-15 times before he finally got the fish up. Darrin came off the helm and secured their catch.

In other news, the Kai Akua weighed a record-sized shortnose spearfish by Randy Basile, bringing the scale to 58.3 pounds He was fishing with Captains Jeremy Webb and Hunter Betts.

This is the largest spearfish for Lahaina Harbor since November 2007, when a 62-pound fish was weighed. This spearfish is the ninth largest weighed in Lahaina Harbor since 1983.

Just three days later, the Finest Kind weighed a 52-pound spearfish by David Merryfield. He was fishing with Capt. Dave Hudson and crewman Sean Hudson.

The largest spearfish in 2008 weighed 54 pounds, when 123 spearfish were landed. The largest spearfish in 2009 weighed 44 pounds, with only 21 spearfish caught.

Shortnose spearfish average 30-35 pounds in Hawaii. The Lahaina Harbor record is 71.6 pounds set in January 2001 aboard the Iwa Lele. The Hawaii State record is 74.9 pounds.