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Keiki fish for prizes in Lahaina Yacht Club event

By Staff | Dec 10, 2009

The ASP Women’s World Tour of surfing will conclude with the Billabong Pro Maui at Honolua Bay. The event has a window of Dec. 8-20 to hold the contest in good conditions. For information, call the contest hotline at 665-1712. Stephanie Gilmore of Australia already clinched the 2009 world title, so competitors are gunning for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing championship.

LAHAINA — This year’s Lahaina Yacht Club Keiki Fishing Tournament saw 242 anglers. Equipped with cane poles, buckets and bait, they searched every finger pier, walkway, nook and cranny at Lahaina Harbor for all types of fish.

In the girl’s six-and-under age group, Ah-Lan Kawano-Vaea took first place with an 8.5-ounce flying fish. In second place was Waimea Ah-Yat with a 6.5-ounce kupipi. Third place was a 6.2-ounce snapper by Jasmine Imamoto.

In the boy’s six-and-under age group, Troy Branco weighed an 8.7-ounce snapper. In second place was Devlin Ralar with an 8.7-ounce rockfish. Aukai Ah-Yat captured third place with a 6.6-ounce kupipi.

In the girl’s seven-to-eight age group, Jayelyn Finnimamoto took first place with a 4.6-ounce snapper. Second place was a 4.1-ounce snapper by Ihilani Garcia. In third place was Teani Buencolsejo with a 4.0-ounce snapper.

In the boy’s seven-to-eight age group, Ikaiki Galarita weighed a 7.1-ounce snapper for first place. In second was Matai Mataafa with a 5.8-ounce kupipi. Kamaka Ko took third place with a 4.6-ounce goatfish.

In the girl’s nine-to-ten age group, Peka Garcia took first place with an 8.6-ounce snapper. An 8.1-ounce kupipi landed Kamalani Ah-Puck in second place. Leila Kato weighed third place with a 5.2-ounce rockfish.

In the boy’s nine-to-ten age group, Nainoa Ko took first place with a 4.6-ounce nui nui. In second place was Noah Nakamura with a 3.8-ounce hinalea. The third place fish was a 3.3-ounce snapper by Makana Quillayen.

In the girl’s 11-12 age group, a 5.9-ounce snapper by Natalie Galarith took first place. In second was Kaile Stockham with a 3.9-ounce nano. Kelsey Shultz captured third place with a 3.4-ounce papio.

In the boy’s 11-12 age group, Kasen Kitaguchi weighed a 5.6-ounce rockfish. Second place was a 4.5-ounce nenue by Isaac Pahulu. The third place fish weighed 4.0 ounces by Kellen Mulholland.