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Team Maui Jim wins Wahine Jackpot Fishing Tournament

By Staff | Nov 5, 2009

Team Maui Jim with their winning 366.6-pound blue marlin.

LAHAINA — The Maui Jim won this year’s Wahine Jackpot Fishing Tournament with a 366.6-pound blue marlin by Jen Williams. She was fishing with Captains Tom Casey and Seth Kizel.

They had two baits out as they worked the MC-Buoy — a big eye short and an aku out a little further. Tom shouted, “There’s a bite!” Seth turned around to see a swirl on the aku.

The bait came out of the clip, but the marlin didn’t take much line. Tom just waited a few seconds before the fish started ripping line. Seth locked up the reel and it was “fish on.”

The marlin came right back toward the other bait, trying to eat it. As Jen cranked the line tight, the marlin felt the hook deep in its throat. The fish never had more than 100 yards on them and stayed near the surface.

Tom got right back on the marlin in about two minutes. It was too quick and “green” to take the fish, so they just took their time. Tom motored the boat away from the fish and let Jen tire it out a bit.

Team Kymani II with their second place 205.8-pound blue marlin.

When they felt like the marlin was ready, they went after it. It was a little scrappy behind the boat as it came to double line. It kept coming up, head out of the water, waving its bill back and forth trying to shake the hook. Finally, they were able to get it secured in only 15 minutes.

This was Jen’s biggest fish. It was awesome, she mentioned — such a rush. The team took home the $4,000 first place jackpot.

The second place fish was a 205.8-pound blue marlin aboard the Kymani II by Jonelle Santos. She was fishing with Capt. Richard Magsayo.

They were fishing the back side of Kaho‘olawe, about two miles from JJ-Buoy, when they raised their fish. The marlin jumped at the initial strike, then stayed near the surface.

Richard kept the boat idled ahead as Jonelle worked on her fish. Forty-five minutes later, she had it to the boat. No problem at leader as they secured the marlin.

Things got interesting once they got it in the boat. The fish came alive and beat things up pretty good before they could get it subdued.

The Kamani II took home $2,300 for their fish.