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Start Me Up finds 592.4-pounder off Ukumehame

By Staff | Jun 18, 2009

LAHAINA — The Start Me Up found itself in first place in the top marlin stats, weighing a 592.4-pound blue for Tyrel Lovelace. He was fishing with Capt. Tim “Timster” Putnam and crewman “Grander” Ed Nevrivy.

They had an afternoon four-hour trip, so Timster headed south down the coast on an ono run. Between Olowalu and Ukumehame, they had a couple of bites, but nothing stuck.

As they got to Ukumehame, Timster asked Ed if they should stay inside and continue the ono run, or head out and look for a big one. Ed looked up and told him, “You kidding me? Let’s go.”

Timster turned the boat right and headed out to the 100-fathom ledge as Ed switched out the lures. As Timster checked out the pattern, he looked back just in time to see a big hole right where the long gone lure had been.

Timster shouted out, “Here it is!” The marlin made a 400-yard run before it started jumping. It made 5-6 body lunges as it went in a circle. Timster was worried it might jump over the line and break itself off.

Ed got the lines cleared and Tyrel in the chair. Timster got back after the fish. Tyrel gained a couple of hundred yards of line back quickly. About 15 minutes into the fight, the marlin made another series of jumps.

Timster continued backing on the fish for quite a while. He was able to reverse up to a certain point before the line was straight up and down. Ed shifted the reel into low gear.

Tyrel began to slowly work his fish up, one crank at a time. Timster followed slowly after it. It was at least a half-hour before they got it turned and coming their way.

As they got the marlin to deep color, just before the double line knot, Tyrel ran into a stalemate. Ed pushed up the drag, putting some pretty good pressure on the fish. Timster had the boat one engine ahead, keeping just ahead of the fish, trying to plane it up.

Ed went to the stern and grabbed the line. As he slowly pulled up the double line, Tyrel cranked down to his shoulder. Once they got the swivel within reach, Ed grabbed it and lifted it to the rod tip.

As Ed held onto the leader, the marlin walked him back and forth across the stern 4-5 times. He was able to get a couple of wraps on the leader after a five-minute tug of war and pull it up on the port corner.

Ed guided the marlin up the side of the boat. Timster grabbed the leader as Ed went for the fly-gaff to secure their fish.

Once they got the marlin aboard, they noticed that there were no hooks in the fish. The hooks had wrapped themselves in opposite directions around the bill, latching onto each other and synching down.

Start Me Up Sportfishing gave Tyrel his trip for free for catching a marlin over 500 pounds. Start Me Up Sportfishing also donated $300 to Maui Economic Opportunity as part of their continuing charity donation program for a marlin caught over 500 pounds on one of their boats.