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Maui United Way partnering with taro farm

By Staff | Dec 11, 2020

Maui United Way staff and farmers of Hawaii Taro Farm LLC join at the property in Waikapu for the partnership launch.

KAHULUI — Maui United Way will serve as fiscal sponsor for the Hawaii Taro Farm LLC. The farm and its farmers are seeking to promote rural farming prosperity and job creation in the new economy through engagement with the community and the innovative use of energy conservation and technology.

This initiative is designed to have a beneficial social, business, economic and community impact for the County of Maui and Hawaii.

Bobby Pahia, chief executive officer of Hawaii Taro Farm LLC, expressed his view concerning the partnership that “farmers are directly benefiting from the fiscal sponsorship by accessing funding to assist with economic recovery from the results of the pandemic.

“Our partnership with Maui United Way is a perfect fit to undergird and secure our community.”

He also announced the appointment of Annie M. Alvarado as Hawaii Taro Farm LLC’s executive director.

The farm practices regenerative and conventional farming with great interest in supporting food security and food sovereignty for Maui and the State of Hawaii.

The pandemic has changed everything, and the farm is seizing on innovative ideas to substantially diminish Maui’s dependence on external food supply for our community.

The farm is further strengthening the farm model of community involvement and increasing business and social opportunity for residents.

The emphasis is on providing fresh food production, high-quality produce, protein and value-added products for our community, schools and various markets.

“At Maui United Way, we strive to find ways of providing a hand up to our community in our three areas of focus: Economic Mobility, Health, and Education. By working as a fiscal sponsor for Hawaii Taro Farm LLC, we are able to touch all three as we work towards a food secure Maui,” stated Nicholas Winfrey, president and CPO of Maui United Way.