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What does a Realtor do?

By BY LAURIE S. LOWSON, Lowson & Associates - | Oct 22, 2020

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When you think of what a Realtor does for their job, your impression might be: Realtors are people who dress nicely, show several properties, write a contract, manage the escrow process and collect their check at closing.

Realtors in our community wear many additional hats. The ways Realtors serve the community include providing scholarships to deserving Maui County students. More than 60 $1,000 scholarships were presented by the Realtors Association of Maui in July 2020.

Food drives to feed the less fortunate — The Realtors Association of Maui held a food drive to support the Maui Food Bank in August 2020. This was closely followed by a Statewide Cash or Cans Food Drive sponsored by the Hawaii Association of Realtors in September 2020. There is a West Maui Community Task Force consisting of many Realtors that provides meals every Friday to the less fortunate.

Realtors are involved in our community in numerous ways, including being involved in politics. The Realtor party advocates for private property rights and works with elected officials to help them understand ramifications of potential legislation and policy decisions.

RPAC, or the Realtors Political Action Committee, is the advocacy tool allowing Realtors to represent Realtor issues at the local, state and national level. RPAC raises funds from our Realtor members to support political candidates at all levels of government that support private property rights, mortgage availability, flood insurance and the real estate industry. As Realtors, we understand that bad legislation would cost all of us, including our clients, loss of rights, money and time.

In 2020 Hawaii Realtors successfully STOPPED the following legislation introduced at the State Legislature:

SB3110 — Prohibiting foreigners from purchasing residential real estate.

SB2040 — Penalizing a homeowner with a 25 percent tax on net proceeds if they sell their home within five years of purchase.

SB2216 — Creating an empty home tax of 5 percent of the assessed value for selling a vacant home.

HB2115 — Requiring an asbestos survey and abatement are performed prior to the issuance of any building permit.

SB1289 — Requiring all new single-family dwellings to have rooftop solar installation.

By stopping the above bills, the Hawaii Association of Realtors was working for you, the homeowner community, to stop legislation that could have cost you money and limited your private property rights.

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