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Call for cultural and historical information about former North Kihei tomato farm

By Staff | Jul 2, 2020

An affordable housing project is proposed along the mauka side of Kihei Commercial Plaza between Ohukai Road and the Ka‘onoulu ahupua‘a boundary.

KIHEI – Honu Media wishes to interview cultural and historical informants with knowledge about the former Hashimoto Farm, TMK (2) 3-9-001:034.

A 100 percent affordable housing project is being planned for a 14.75-acre rectangular portion of this property.

The affordable community will run along the mauka side of Kihei Commercial Plaza between Ohukai Road and the Ka’onoulu ahupua’a boundary.

Informant testimonies will be included in a cultural impact assessment study being conducted now.

Lineal and cultural descendants for this land and anyone with information about this Waiakoa parcel may contact Katherine Kama’ema’e Smith, historical consultant, at (808) 268-0787 or honu4media@outlook.com.

The ahupua’a of Waiakoa was designated Crown Lands at the Mahele but was first surveyed 40 years later in 1888.

That survey did not locate any kuleana or historical properties on this property.

Waiakoa ahupua’a was offered as homestead grants in the early 1900s.

The planned affordable community is located on Lot 10, Waiakoa Makai Homesteads, granted to Ernest Kia Nae’ole in 1918.

Nae’ole transfered the property in December 1940. The Hashimoto family purchased the land in 1970.

After 67 years, they sold the farm to the current owners in 2017.

Selland Corporation once had a baseyard here.

Persons with knowledge about current or past cultural resources or practices on this property, the ranching history of this property, or Hashimoto farm, are encouraged to contact Smith at (808) 268-0787 or honu4media@outlook.com at any time.