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County departments make zoning and real property information more available to the public

By Staff | Dec 5, 2019

WAILUKU – Two County of Maui departments have collaborated to make zoning and real property information more readily available to the public.

The Department of Finance’s Real Property Assessment Division and the Department of Planning announced that the Real Property Tax (RPT) website now includes the digital zoning map for Maui island as a layer that can be added to the RPT parcel map.

RPT already had layers such as aerial imagery, recent sales, state land use districts, the Special Management Area, tsunami evacuation zones and flood hazard areas, among others. Now there is zoning, too.

The real property tax website address is www.mauipropertytax.com/, and properties can be searched by owner name, location address or parcel number.

To see a map, click on the “View Map” option. Layer options are listed in the left frame and now include Island of Maui Zoning (2018).

By selecting this layer, the parcel changes color and the legend (click the tab on the right of the layer tab) will show what zoning the colors represent.

“When we received the request from planning, we immediately saw the benefit of adding this to the website,” said Finance Director Scott Teruya.

“Our GIS staff got right on it, and we were able to go live the same day.”

Mayor Michael Victorino noted that the RPT website has significant viewership.

“We strive to make real property and land use information available and useable to the public, and viewership of the RPT website will only increase with the additional information provided by the Planning Department.”

The Finance Department reported that the website had more than 400,000 property report views and more than 270,000 map views this past year, with more than 5,000 maps printed.

This zoning layer is based on the County of Maui digital zoning map for the island of Maui. A pdf version of the map is available at www.mauicounty.gov/2159/Digital-Zoning-Map-Update-Project.