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By Staff | Oct 11, 2018

Congratulations to Jake Pike, who recently passed the real estate test and joined the team at Sakamoto Properties Ltd.

Almost every year, I get to share some morsel of our wonderful family adventures throughout the year.

We generally share our summer karate fun with our younger grandsons, Tyler and Mikee, and perhaps something wonderful about their most recent accomplishments.

This has been the trifecta year, in that we really had a gang busting reason to celebrate and shout it out to the world.

Our eldest grandson, Jake Pike, passed his real estate test and joined our family at Sakamoto Properties.

Jake was born on Maui and moved to California as a youngster with his beautiful mom, Heidi, and his dad, Alex Pike.

Jake, of course, spent every summer with us and enjoyed the company of his uncles Andy, Clint, Nicolai and Auntie Gina.

We have a gaggle of reputable Realtors in our immediate Maui family. Included are Grandpa Dave Barca, Uncle Hank Quayle (RIP), Auntie Gina Parola and Grandma Elizabeth Quayle.

Since we all work full-time, he spent most days working with me, showing homes, setting up appointments, turning in marketing tools and basically learning to be a First-Class Realtor.

When he was 12 years old and in the office with me, Roy Sakamoto told him that once he graduated, if he passed his test, he could work with us.

That is something he took to heart, and it kept him on a steady goal to join our Sakamoto Ohana, as soon as possible.

He has been living here since graduating in 2017 and training with us full-time. We are excited to see him bloom, grow and succeed at this incredible opportunity he has been given.

Are you looking for a new home, condominium, vacant land or Developer Direct properties? Give us a call at Sakamoto Properties Limited.

Jake and our team will be there to assist you in finding your Maui Real Estate Dream Property.