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Vote ‘NO!’ on proposed constitutional amendment

By Staff | Sep 20, 2018

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Hawaii has an extremely important election coming up this Nov. 6th. You must be registered to vote by Oct. 9, 2018 to vote in the General Election.

I am asking that you join me in voting “NO” on a proposed constitutional amendment that will hurt everyone by raising Hawaii’s high cost of living even higher.

The question on the ballot will read: “Shall the legislature be authorized to establish, as provided by law, a surcharge on investment real property to be used to support public education?”

I’m voting NO because:

This is not a property tax just on the wealthy. This is a tax that hurts everyone, including our keiki and kupuna. Currently, only the counties in Hawaii may levy real property tax. This constitutional amendment is asking you to give the State of Hawaii the ability to charge a tax on real property in addition to the taxes charged by Maui County. We all know how it works with TAT and GET tax monies that are collected on Maui and go directly to Oahu. Maui County has to fight for every nickel they get back from taxes collected on Maui. For every tax dollar collected on Maui, we may get 51 cents back on Maui.

More taxes mean higher prices for rent, food, products and services. Hawaii already has the highest cost of living in the country, and this tax would add to the cost for everyone.

All four counties are opposed to this constitutional amendment because county bond ratings will go down, causing counties to either reduce services or raise property taxes. The counties are so opposed to this amendment that they joined forces and went to court trying to halt the question being printed on the ballot. Unfortunately, the judge ruled against the counties. Again, we the people of Hawaii will be taxed more.

There is nothing written in the proposal that guarantees more money will reach the classrooms and students. That is merely the carrot. There is nothing in the bill that guarantees that teachers will be paid more, classrooms will be improved or student facilities will be upgraded.

As a former Hawaii teacher, I support our public schools. However, a constitutional amendment that will raise the cost of living for everyone with no guarantees of more funding for the schools is a VERY, VERY BAD idea.

Hawaii citizens can’t afford another tax. Please register to vote by Oct. 9 and vote “NO” to the constitutional amendment on Nov. 6th or via mail-in or early voting.