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Web-based land inventory system now available to the public

By Staff | Jul 19, 2018

Suzanne Case, Department of Land & Natural Resources chair, commented, “Combining all of this disparate data into one easily accessible database was a monumental undertaking.”

HONOLULU – The central Public Land Trust Information System (PLTIS) available only to state and county agencies since January 2015 became accessible to anyone on June 29. The online site is found at pltis.hawaii.gov.

As part of the Ige Administration’s commitment to effective, efficient and open government, the PLTIS is the State of Hawaii’s first centralized, web-based inventory of all state- and county-owned lands, including encumbrances issued over these lands.

PLTIS was developed to satisfy the requirements of Act 54, which mandates the establishment of a comprehensive information system to inventory and maintain information about the lands of the public land trust as described in the Admission Act and the Hawaii State Constitution.

Gov. David Ige said, “The digital age offers numerous opportunities to improve the transparency, efficiency and accountability of our government. The new Public Land Trust Information System promises to do just that. By digitizing important information about publicly-owned lands, government workers will not only be able to better collect and study data, Hawaii residents will also be better informed about the land they live on. As both a governor and an engineer, I look forward to using technologies like GIS and PLTIS to bring government into the 21st century.”

Data in the PLTIS is derived from approximately 40 disparate state, county and third party sources, where source systems range from application databases to spreadsheets to paper-based files.

PLTIS also includes a GIS interface that allows users to geographically visualize the parcel and encumbrance data.