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By Staff | Jun 29, 2017

If you’ve been thinking about owning your office space at Keawe Business Center, it’s time to call.

LAHAINA – Only one unit remains at Keawe Business Center, and it’s one of the best. Unit 302 is a third floor unit with a great ocean and Lanai view and 949 rentable square feet of space. It is priced at $372,000 (compared with the original price of $572,000). As a bonus, the seller has provided a private restroom, which will save you over $10,000.

The only reason we can sell this unit for so low is that the unit was part of a bulk sale after foreclosure by the construction lender. The original developer’s loss is your gain. If another developer offers a new office project similar to Keawe Business Center, the prices will have to be at the much higher prices.

This is the only opportunity in West Maui for you to own your fee simple condominium office space. Your opportunity to own your office space at a price far below replacement cost will end soon. When this last unit is gone, so goes this opportunity. So, if you’ve been thinking about owning your office space, it’s time to call.

A great price coupled with still historically low interest rates yields a net cost of buying far lower than paying rent. To put it simply, your interest expense is far less than rent. This alone is a compelling reason to own. You also enjoy the ownership benefits of tax savings from depreciation deductions, relief from future rent increases and relief from paying general excise tax on rent. Your principal payments build your equity, as well as any future appreciation. Prices are at least 25 percent below replacement cost, so over the long term you could see a nice increase in your equity.

To top things off, you don’t need a big down payment either. Most businesses qualify for 90 percent financing under the SBA 504 program.

Take control of your business’s future and no longer deal with landlords. Keawe Business Center represents an excellent opportunity for you to invest in your future, giving you more flexibility when you’re ready to sell your business or retire.

Be a part of Keawe Business Center’s top-quality mix of businesses, including a credit union, financial services company, physical therapist, insurance agency, architect, admin offices for TS Restaurants, real estate brokerage, transportation company, a private office user, and coming soon a dentist and a medical specialist.

Call Mario Cardone, principal broker of CardOneRealty Corp. and subagent of Peake & Levoy LLC, at 276-8132 for a private showing. Ask for a free Keawe Business Center Net Cost of Buying cost/benefit analysis. More information is available at www.mauicommercialproperties.com or e-mail mario@peake-levoy.com.