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Lock-off units an excellent short-term rental choice; featuring Kapalua Golf Villas 24T3-4

By Staff | Jun 1, 2017

Kapalua Golf Villas 24T3-4 is tastefully decorated, remodeled and completely turnkey.

What is a lock-off unit, you may ask? A lock-off unit is a unit that can be split into two separate units (sometimes referred to as a dividable suite). There are only a few buildings on the West Side that have this excellent feature. Short-term rentable condos have gone through the roof in sales. Many buildings have no condos left for sale. With occupancy rates nearing an all-time high, it is no wonder why so many investors are snapping up investment properties. When buying an investment property, flexibility is a huge advantage. That is why this Kapalua Golf Villa unit 24T3-4, with its lock-off feature, is so appealing.

The ability to lock-off the unit and divide it into two units creates flexibility for the owner – they can either rent each side separately, or the unit as a whole. Furthermore, the owner could rent one side of the lock-off and stay in the other side, so in essence collecting rent even though they are here on vacation. Having a lock-off also is wonderful for the ever-changing family size. Maybe you need two bedrooms when the kids come, but when it is just a weekend for two, one bedroom or a studio is enough. Taking it a step further, when the economy is down, people tend to rent the smaller, less expensive unit. So, a lock-off unit will give you a slight hedge against a softer economy, thereby allowing you to rent a smaller unit, rather than a larger unit, when rentals slow down.

With inventory getting very tight on Maui, there is one unit that has the flexibility of a lock-off, the beauty of Kapalua ocean views, has designer upgrades, and is located overlooking the Kapalua Bay Golf Course – this of course being the exquisite Kapalua Golf Villas unit 24T3-4. The Kapalua Golf Villas have been redone on the outside, and some of the units are redone on the inside. Not all units are lock-off. But, unit 24T3-4 is currently on the market and fits this requirement.

Unit 24T3-4 is tastefully decorated, remodeled and completely turnkey. This is a wonderful alternative to smaller, new construction units that are more expensive. The Kapalua Golf Villas allows short-term rentals and has an expansive resort feel with breathtaking views. The enormous lanai allows for outdoor living and dining as well as stargazing on the cool Kapalua nights. You can rent this property as a one-bedroom unit or a studio and hotel room. This all one level unit with private carport is a wonderful property that should be on any investor’s short list. It is beautifully upgraded and turnkey with very high-end finishes. This Kapalua Golf Villa unit has the best of both worlds: island views and amazing ocean views. As prices quickly rise, this lock-off unit is a great pickup to add to anyone’s investment portfolio. At over 972 square feet, this unit is a real bargain at $700,000.

Maria M. Sims, R(B), is here to serve with her extensive background, over 16 years of experience and close to 300 homes sold. Contact Maria today at (808) 250-4289 for more information on this or other properties in West Maui.