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A hospital for West Maui

By Staff | Nov 3, 2016

The West Maui Hospital & Medical Center is being built on 14.99 acres of land located below the Kaanapali Coffee Farms community in West Maui. To date, approximately 30 percent of the entire grading of the site has been completed. The green portion of the site is the future drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.

KAANAPALI – As the long-awaited West Maui Hospital and Medical Center moves full steam ahead, so too are the fundraising efforts to support this new hospital for the West Maui community.

Since this project broke ground less than three months ago, approximately 30 percent of the entire grading of the site has been completed. According to the site grading contractor, Goodfellow Bros. Inc., construction of the project continues with heavy civil and infrastructure work on the hospital pad. Off-site infrastructure improvements such as sewer and water lines are anticipated to begin in early 2017. Upon permit approval, general contractor F&H Construction will then commence with construction of the West Maui Hospital, Nursing Home and Assisted-Living Facility, which are slated to take approximately 18 months to complete.

When the West Maui Hospital and Medical Center campus opens, it will encompass a 25-bed Critical-Access Hospital with a 24-hour Emergency Room, three operating rooms, a radiology department, and 24-hour pharmacy and laboratory; a 40-bed Skilled Nursing Facility; a 40-unit Assisted-Living Facility; and two medical office buildings. Long-term plans also call for a 40-bed Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility.

“Many people have contributed towards making this project a reality, from county and state legislators to businesses and community stakeholders,” said Brian Hoyle, president of Newport Hospital Corporation, developer of the project. “It takes a village to realize a project of this magnitude, but the importance cannot be overstated – we are in the business of saving lives.”

The hospital will be operated by the nonprofit West Maui Hospital Foundation Inc. and managed by Critical Access Healthcare LLC. Mission Health Services will manage the Skilled Nursing Facility. Currently, the West Maui Hospital Foundation is raising funds for the greatest need of the West Maui Hospital.

“This hospital is dedicated to the West Maui community, and our intention is to serve the needs of this community,” said Hoyle.

“We need everyone’s support to help build a strong foundation for this important facility. Funds are needed to overcome the initial hurdle when the hospital opens. In addition, we welcome ongoing support, whether it’s individual contributions, corporate donations, and/or assistance in establishing relationships with long-term donors. All contributions are welcome and appreciated.”

To make a secure online donation and for more information, please visit the West Maui Hospital Foundation’s website at www.WMHF.org.