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By Staff | Aug 18, 2016

Karate classes held three times weekly at Lahaina Civic Center are a family affair.

Every year I indulge in writing an editorial which doesn’t involve real estate and is very family related. I get more comments and calls on this than all of my advertising combined!!

I find myself to be one of the most “lucky” people on the planet. I have a wonderful husband of 27 years (Dave Barca) and a beautiful step-daughter (Gina Parola), who are both very successful Realtors.

We all three love our vocation and enjoy the lifestyle Maui living has to offer.

My son-in law Clint, Dave, Gina, and my two sons, Alex and Andy, have all been beach babies and enjoy surfing, kite surfing, skimming and spending time with our beautiful family.

Our grandsons, Tyler and Mikee, come for the summer, and we enjoy a family affair while having the opportunity to participate in the karate classes held three times weekly at the Civic Center in Lahaina.

Dave, a black belt for many years, has begun to assist in teaching with the world’s most patient and inspirational Sensei, Walter Chihara.

We all have the opportunity to both learn and teach in these wonderful classes, with both children and adults. The lessons, and the intimate interaction with everyone involved, makes for a dream come true ‘Ohana experience.

I’m humbled, and so grateful, that I’ve been able to participate in this phenomenal exercise and training class since January 2015.

Training with my husband, my son, my stepdaughter, son-in-law, and my two precious grandsons is an absolute dream come true.

The sense of family, the selfless contribution of Walter and all the Sempais who do this as a community service for us all, is yet another reason why living on Maui is a dream come true.

We’re lucky to live here full-time and grateful for our extended ‘Ohana, and the opportunity to be a part of this community that is so family-based.

Do you wonder what it would be like to move here? Are you afraid you might be lonely? Fear no more – there is lots of Love and Aloha for everyone. You can be lucky, too; just make up your mind to participate in this life. I promise you will be paid back in spades. What do you have to lose?

Thanks for letting me share a bit of our life here in paradise!! Family is more than just blood – it’s ‘Ohana!!!