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By Staff | Jun 2, 2016

Only five units remain for sale at Keawe Business Center.

LAHAINA – Reasons to own your office space at Keawe Business Center:

1) Your mortgage interest is less than base rent. Interest payment is less than rent – around 15 percent less. This alone is reason to buy.

2) Build your equity, and not your landlord’s. Your principal payment is your equity. Let your business build your equity, and not your landlord’s.

3) Savings from depreciation deduction is yours (not your landlord’s). This represents a significant CASH savings to you.

4) No longer pay general excise tax on your rent. You don’t pay GET on your mortgage payment. This is another 4.166 percent of CASH savings to you.

5) No longer pay for future rent increases. If you’ve been a tenant for very long, you know how this adds up. Starting in year two, this is another significant CASH savings to you.

6) Your net cost after cash savings is less than rent. Your mortgage payment less the cash savings from depreciation, general excise tax and future rent increases is less than rent. No matter how you slice it, you are better off owning than renting.

7) Prices below replacement cost. Earn future appreciation on your office – just like on your home. With a purchase price below replacement cost, the likelihood of appreciation is great.

8) Low cash requirement. Most businesses qualify for 90 percent financing, and 100 percent financing is available for medical doctors and dentists. You can also finance your improvements.

9) Finest quality building in West Maui. Open-air architecture and true Class A quality.

10) Control your future – More flexibility when you’re ready to sell your business or retire. Sell your unit with your business, or take back a lease for retirement income.

11) Great business neighbors: Valley Isle Community FCU, Strategic Financial Alliance, Imua Physical Therapy, Insurance Associates, Kasprzycki Designs, TS Restaurants (four units), DLD Properties, Hawaii Executive Transportation, and Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers.

12) Only five units available. This opportunity won’t be around forever. If you want a third floor unit with a great ocean view, there’s only one. If you want a ground floor unit, there’s only one. If you want the smallest, least expensive unit, there’s only one 858-square-foot unit for $327,000.

Free Net Cost of Buying cost/benefit analysis. Contact Mario Cardone, principal broker of CardOneRealty Corp., subagent of Peake & Levoy LLC, at 276-8132 or mario@peake-levoy.com.