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By Staff | Aug 6, 2015

Three generations of our ‘ohana training hard!

WEST MAUI – Our family is no different than most families who are lucky enough to live here on Maui full-time.

We all have our jobs, our homes, our families, and we are blessed in that no matter where we have to go on this majestic place we call home, we are generally surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet.

Something as simple as going to the airport, or Costco, can turn out to be an adventure in watching our beautiful humpback whales breaching, or a sailboat with its billowing spinnaker gliding through the crystal clear Pacific Maui waters.

Our dramatic mountains, and the many rainbows, are just a bit of icing on this delicious pineapple upside down cake we call home.

It does take a particular person to live on the furthest landmass from anywhere else on the planet, but with the right attitude, and welcoming Aloha of the Aina, we have the honor of living in a place where most people don’t even dare to dream call home.

Our family is blessed in so many ways. Some are so simple that we’re often reminded that we live in “Mayberry,” and that’s okay by me! We have a simple life, and yet, every single morning we look at the sunrise, and the beautiful ocean and outer islands, and just thank our lucky stars!!

If you think that living here is too far for family to visit, think again!!!

We have our beautiful grandchildren from N.J., Alaska and California most summers.

Our family decided to get back to a healthy lifestyle, and we have kept in shape three days a week by taking karate at the Lahaina Civic Center. Grandpa Dave, Grandma Lizzie, Daddy, Micheal, Tyler, Uncle Clint and Aunt Gina all take classes with the adult and children’s classes. Our Sensei, Walter Chihara, and Sempai Glenn DelaTorre have been saints and wonderful teachers to us all.

When I say saints, I mean wonderful and loving leaders of our keiki and our adults. They give their everything. We are three generations practicing and sparring… it is such a gas – a picture to save in your mind forever!!!

Our boys go back to N.J. to start school next week, and we will all be missing them and looking forward to the next batch of kids and friends to come and visit.

It’s all about family, unconditional love and appreciating the beautiful place we all call home… no matter in what part of the country our grandkids live, part of the year they are all Maui kids, and looking forward to the next adventure with their Maui ‘Ohana!!!

Hug and kiss your kids, hold your love close, love your life, and don’t forget to be GRATEFUL!!!!! YOU LIVE ON MAUI!!!! ENOUGH SAID!!!!