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Lowson & Associates enters the 21st Century

By Staff | Jun 4, 2015

This vacant lot at 209 Plantation Club Drive in the Plantation Estates at Kapalua is available for $3,000,000.

WEST MAUI – As your listing Realtor, my goal is to get the highest number of qualified potential buyers to view your home. To facilitate that end, The Realtors Association of Maui has implemented the newest technology available on the market: SentriLock electronic lockbox systems.

SentriLock lock box systems help maximize the number of showings by making it convenient for all Realtors to show your property while providing maximum security for you, the homeowner. This lockbox system maintains a detailed access log in addition to providing convenience and security. With personal service as my #1 goal, it is always my intention to be at every showing. However, sometimes a last minute showing will come up, and a showing could be generated by use of the electronic lock box. The lock box system provides you, the seller, with detailed showing access reports, as well as me, the agent. The lockbox lets me know when to follow up on showings and reminds me to alert agents (who previously showed your property) should there be a property profile update.

The electronic advantages over a mechanical lock box include:

1) Enhanced security; 2) Will not damage the door; 3) Provides online reports and showing data; and 4) Homeowners may block entry to their property. As a new code is generated every time the electronic lock box is used, there is no worry about numerous people having the code to your mechanical lock box. With an electronic lock box, every entry is recorded, unlike a mechanical lock box that does not keep track of any entries. Electronic lock boxes have been in use in most other real estate markets for over 15 years.

To discuss listing your property, give me a call, Laurie Lowson, Realtor, at (808) 276-8001, and we will discuss how an electronic lock box will facilitate the sale of your property.

The above photo is of Lot 27 at Plantation Estates in Kapalua. A little over four acres, this is the second largest lot in Plantation Estates. Recently mowed and easy to view, this lot located at 209 Plantation Club Drive could be just the lot you are looking for to build your Kapalua home. Asking price is $3,000,000. Lowson & Associates agent Joline Dorner, R(S), (808) 276-9015, is the listing agent. Please feel free to call her for additional information.

Questions about buying or selling? Please e-mail, text or call Laurie S. Lowson, Realtor (B), at (808) 276-8001 or Laurie@Lowson.com. To view most Maui listings, go to www.Lowson.com.