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Lahaina Business Park VIEW lot

By Staff | Feb 19, 2015

Call John Cote for information about this property that is perfect for contractors, builders or investors.

LAHAINA – No kidding – take a minute and go up to the Lahaina Business Park to 72 Ulupono St. across from the Mormon Church. You’ll see my sign. Walk on the lot doing a 360 and imagine, with a good view from the first level, how much better the view will be from the second level.

Let me also remind you that the zoning, M-1, allows for a multitude of build-outs: industrial, restaurant, grocery store, liquor store, convenience store, church and apartments, condominiums and live-in quarters.

Now, I know you don’t normally buy an industrial lot for the view, but take note that you can see the smokestack, Lahaina Harbor, ocean, mountains and more ocean. Again, no kidding.

The lot, without improvements, prices less than $30 per square foot – competitive! There are retaining walls, a drainage system and a one-inch installed county waterline in place, and they all cost $204,000. More than likely, you would not be successful in obtaining a one-inch water line from the county at this time.

The asking price is $750,000 – in the wheelhouse with the infrastructure in place. The lot is just under 19,000 square feet with plenty of space for building and parking.

So, what are waiting for? Call, write, e-mail or text me. Make an offer. Ya never know