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Aina Nalu — Still the best value on the island

By Staff | Jun 19, 2014

Aina Nalu features two pools, fountains, palms, little hidden nooks and Zen gardens.

LAHAINA – The average selling price for just a one-bedroom condo on Maui’s West Side this year is over $540,000. Wow, prices really seem to be UP!

But there are still great values in the heart of Lahaina, where you can pick up a bargain on a two-bedroom, two-bath resort condo for as little as $380,000 at Aina Nalu.

The Value

If you have ever thought about buying a condo on Maui, Aina Nalu’s value will speak to you. The two-bedroom, two-bath condos are priced from the high $300,000s to the low $400,000s. Anything comparable to the quality and amenities at Aina Nalu anywhere on Maui’s West Side will cost over $600,000.

Today’s going price of around $400,000 represents almost a 100 percent increase over the absolute bottom price of $205,000 in 2011. Prices have been steadily rising over the last two years, but it is still the best value on Maui.

Rental Potential

One aspect of Aina Nalu ownership that many enjoy is rental income. Most owners don’t live on the property or even on the island of Maui. Most live on the Mainland and rent their condos through their property manager.

Their managers take care of the property. If something needs attention, they handle it. Larger repairs still need your OK, but routine maintenance and cleaning are handled. They do the marketing, the bookings, check-ins, checkouts; and, at the end of the month, they send you a check. Pretty hassle-free.

Aina Nalu is just a block off Front Street, which can’t be beat. The low-rise buildings are surrounded by lush foliage, giving you a sense of serenity and place. The two pools, fountains, palms, little hidden nooks and Zen gardens around the property all give you the feeling that you’ve escaped to old Hawaii.

For details about Aina Nalu, contact Barbara Potts, the resident expert, at (808) 344-5008, e-mail barb@AlohaRealtyGroup.com or visit www.AlohaRealtyGroup.com/aina-nalu.