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The Best of the Best just got better!

By Staff | Nov 14, 2013

Once November arrives and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I have to stop and think about how incredibly thankful I am for the wonderful life that I have. Besides living on one of the most beautiful islands in all the world, Maui, I am also thankful for and blessed with great ‘ohana (as we call it in the islands), or family and friends.

‘Ohana carries us through the hard times that all individuals have at some time in their life, And ‘ohana is always there to celebrate the good times. There is truly nothing like the support around us – people that are not necessarily blood relatives but much more. To experience the true meaning of aloha and have mother Maui embrace you is like no other feeling a person can experience. It touches you deep within your soul and remains there forever. Aloha is one of the most important things that makes Maui what it is. To experience and know that feeling makes Maui a part of your life. Whether you’re a full-time resident or part-time resident, Maui is always in your heart. So many of my ‘ohana that are not able to stay on Maui full-time always express to me that Maui is always on their minds, no matter where they are, and they can’t wait to get back!

As you’re flying in, looking out the window of the plane at the glistening, sparkling, beautiful, warm, blue Pacific Ocean calling your name, it’s hard to contain yourself. Then you hear, “Aloha! You have landed on Maui!” What an exciting feeling washes over you. The second you get off the plane – and the wonderful, fresh air with the smell of plumeria and tropical flowers surrounds you – you know you are home. You know you are where your heart is. If only for a brief rejuvenating vacation or for an extended period of time, life is great. Let the aloha flow! That is why many people submerge themselves in the culture of Hawaii and want to become a part of it.

For myself, that is why I love the business I am in, selling Maui real estate. Whether it is a first-time buyer, a time interval owner or working with experienced clients for years on end, buying multiple properties and selling them, it is one of the most fulfilling things that I can ever imagine having the chance to do. To be able to share the aloha and lifestyle that we live here on this beautiful island of Maui is incredible. So if you are looking to buy or sell, it would be my honor to help you and share my knowledge of being in the business for nearly 30 years.

The Best of the Best just got better, because I am able to do this with one of my closest ‘ohana: my husband, James Harris. Between the two of us, there is nothing we can’t accomplish for you as a buyer or a seller. Experience is important, and both Jim and Mischelle have been tops in their field for many years. This means they know the best properties that will fit your individual needs. If you are a seller, they are familiar with the best marketing techniques and have the market knowledge that will help sell your property quickly.

Having lived on West Maui for 35 years, we have watched the island develop, and in fact been involved with original sales at most of the Kaanapali properties that have been developed over the years, starting initially at Kaanapali Hillside, The Masters at Kaanapali, Kaanapali Alii, Kaanapali Golf Estates, our current home, The Vintage at Kaanapali, and more. We watched Honua Kai, Kaanapali’s newest condominium property, being built, and have helped many clients in pursuing purchases there from the developer as well as re-sales.

We have been involved with sales at Lanikeha, Kaanapali’s newest residential offering, of quarter to whole acre home sites as well as some completed custom resale homes.

Not only at Thanksgiving time are we thankful for all that Maui has given to us, but we appreciate the opportunity to be able to give back and share our beautiful island with you. Please contact us for any real estate questions you might have; we appreciate being able to bring new ‘ohana into our lives and truly look forward to hearing from you. Contact Mischelle M. Lawrence, R(S), and James M. Harris Inc., Broker, at (808) 280-1640, toll-free at 877-Jim- Maui (546-6284) or e-mail JimMaui@Maui.net.