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No tricks, only treats at MauiGrown Coffee Company Store

By Staff | Oct 24, 2013

MauiGrown Coffee Company Store is celebrating its seventh anniversary.

LAHAINA – This Halloween, treat yourself to MauiGrown Coffee Company Store’s “Ghouls Brew,” a serious blend of dark roasted coffees. According to store co-owner Jeff Ferguson, legend has it that each year, the Ghoul comes to town and selects a special coffee to be his Ghoul’s Brew. This year, he chose MauiGrown Coffee to create his special brew. The Ghoul leaves town at midnight on Oct. 31, but this coffee is so hard to resist, they’re making this flavor available through Nov. 1.

This special brew is just one of the many sweet surprises awaiting coffee lovers as MauiGrown Coffee celebrates three milestone anniversaries with the start of their new harvest season – the 25th anniversary of Kaanapali Estate (established by the former Pioneer Mill Company), the tenth anniversary of MauiGrown Coffee Inc. (established by fifth generation farmer Kimo Falconer), and the seventh anniversary of the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store.

In celebration of this milestone year, the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store will be offering coffees, shirts, mugs and memorabilia for sale starting from Nov. 1 through Nov. 9. Customers will enjoy samplings of MauiGrown Coffee’s exceptional varietals – Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, Typica and their famous Maui Mokka. A special anniversary blend called “Kimo’s Brew” will be unveiled and offered for the first time to the public.

Additionally, the 25-year Anniversary Blend will be on sale – a unique blend of all four coffee varietals in one flavorful cup. Organized coffee tours, sample coffee roasting, live music and a coffee cup art contest are also being planned. Watch for announcements of these and other events and promotions throughout the year on the website www.MauiGrownCoffee.com and/or follow on Facebook.

For Ferguson, who opened the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store with his partners Diane Boyd and Falconer, it’s been a whirlwind seven years. Fueled by their passion for coffee, their team has helped to position the store, located adjacent to the historic Pioneer Mill Company Smokestack, as a must-stop, must-experience destination – an accolade that they’ve certainly earned. Their customers appreciate the friendly service and local knowledge of the Kaanapali Estate coffee growing region and, together with landowner Kaanapali Land Management Corp. (KLM), they’ve helped to put MauiGrown Coffee on the map.

Looking towards the future, Ferguson is optimistic about the MauiGrown Coffee brand.

“It all started with Kimo’s dream – to see coffee thrive in West Maui,” said Ferguson, “and we wanted to help make that happen.”

“Today, MauiGrown Coffee is creating a buzz amongst coffee aficionados worldwide thanks to the dedicated efforts of Kimo, KLM, local farmers and our store’s team. But, in the end, what matters most is what our customers think. As long as they continue to appreciate an exceptional cup of coffee, MauiGrown Coffee has a bright future ahead.”

The MauiGrown Coffee Company Store is located at 277 Lahainaluna Road, next to the historic Pioneer Mill Smokestack on Lahainaluna Road in Lahaina. It’s open Monday through Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit www.MauiGrownCoffee.com or call (808) 661-2728.