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Honua Kai Resort and Spa: A living protector of our beloved Maui

By Staff | Jul 25, 2013

Honua Kai helps care for the ocean and marine life through awareness and environmental stewardship efforts.

KAANAPALI – Majestic, elegant and effortlessly responsible, Honua Kai takes the lead as the modern day Captain Planet.

“Fundamentally, Honua Kai has incorporated an earth-friendly system that keeps this resort in admirable order,” said staff member John Hare.

Like a well-run green machine, Honua Kai’s radiance emanates from within each of its employees. Down to its core, we discover a deeper purpose for this newest addition to the ancient shores of Kaanapali Beach, which inspires us all to dare and participate in a world of conservation and sustainability.

Compiled here are just a few of the reasons why Honua Kai holds a special place in my heart and the hearts of so many who live, play and work here.

Fluid Fertigation: Before any of us graced this contemporary creation, its grounds had already kicked off its renewable ways. An intimate irrigation system gently cultivates the 33 acres of lush landscaping, providing nutrients at the precise time and rate of utilization needed, careful not to waste even a drop of precious water. On top of this perfect love affair, Honua Kai went one step further by partnering with the county to implement the use of purely high-grade recycled water. Mother Earth would be proud.

Reef Awareness and Sea Life Protection: Under water, you’ll find a wealth of creatures, from the Hawaiian monk seal to the brilliant bioluminescent algae. Honua Kai helps malama (care for) our plethora of species through awareness. Strategically placed signs give every beach-goer a reason and a way to love our Mauian Waterworld until perpetuity.

Amazing Architecture: Rare will you find a place where you can live and love so deeply. It is thoughtfully designed luxury, with spaces created for enjoyment of life from each studio to every three-bedroom suite. So much pride emanates here that owners will go as far as naming their rooms.

Energy Conservation Let Me Out and Keep Me In: Honua Kai paves a brave new path for Maui conservation with brilliant ideas, such as capturing heat from its cooling system to warm its network of lagoon pools. Open up those “floor to ceiling” glass panels to escape into the world of indoor/outdoor living. Worry not – your air conditioner will act as your sustainability partner by automatically switching off. What a team!

Green Clean: Honua Kai engages guests to participate in its environmental stewardship efforts. “Something like sustainability is kind of hard to wrap your head around,” Katie Wilson, Honua Kai experience coordinator, said. “But doing a simple thing like not washing your linens daily during a stay to save a hundred gallons of water is empowering. We want to make it simple, and seeing our guests make the green choice makes it worthwhile.”

It all begins with a kernel of compassion in people’s hearts. Knowing these deep truths about your home is an owner’s deepest pride. But ultimately, Honua Kai delivers its green vision with the unwavering support from its team, who understand that they are the living creators of this inspirational legacy.

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