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AREAA announces formation of Hawaii Chapter

By Staff | May 2, 2013

Alexandra D. Schaub of Coldwell Banker Island Properties serves as president of the Asian Real Estate Association of America’s new Hawaii Chapter.

WAILEA – The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) announced the formation of a statewide chapter in Hawaii.

The AREAA Aloha Chapter is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to promoting sustainable homeownership opportunities for the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities in the State of Hawaii.

Moreover, the chapter will create and cultivate opportunities for investors from abroad wishing to purchase into an array of Hawaii real estate categories, ranging from residential, business and commercial to developments.

Inspired by AREAA National’s mission and purpose, Maui Realtors Alexandra D. Schaub and Gina Duncan identified the benefits of forming a statewide chapter in Hawaii.

Their motivation and outlook was welcomed and shared by many other real estate professionals and other business experts.

Schaub and Duncan said there is a need to provide an understanding of culture and business practices to serve the fast-growing communities in Hawaii.

Members can gain the necessary skills through educational and networking opportunities to serve Hawaii’s Asian and Pacific Islander population.

Maui Realtor Mark Harbison said, “I think AREAA could be a strong advocacy group for better representation of Asian clients and Asian interests in the real estate industry. I would like to see greater sensitivity to Asian cultural preferences,” such as presenting listing information in the metric system.

Analyzing current market trends, the founding members expect increased interest from Korean, Chinese and other Asian nationals, who are turning their attention to Hawaii as their main foreign real estate.

The founding members include President Schaub, Vice President Duncan, Secretary Melvin Leon Guerrero and Curt Kamai, Maui regional director. They are joined by Roger H. Epstein, Craig Taylor, Jill Kaiser, Harbison, Randolph Antonio, Ronda Ching Day, Karen Arakawa, Lisa Oyama, Chris Lau, Judith M. Sykes, Micah Kane, Mike Imanaka and Roger Torres.