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Public Land Development Corp. to hold Maui hearing

By Staff | Aug 23, 2012


KAHULUI – The Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC) will hold a Maui public hearing to discuss new Hawaii Administrative Rules for the agency. Some provisions may affect small businesses.

The hearing is set for Friday, Aug. 24, in the Maui Waena Intermediate School Cafeteria at 795 Onehee St. in Kahului.

Lloyd Haraguchi, PLDC executive director, said, “The upcoming public hearings are an opportunity to inform the public about the PLDC’s mission, objectives and priorities. We welcome public participation and encourage individuals to utilize this opportunity.”

The Public Land Development Corporation is a state entity created by the legislature in 2011 to develop state lands and generate revenues for the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Through public-private partnerships, the corporation aims to attract private companies as joint partners in development opportunities.

The corporation was formed after the legislature passed Senate Bill 1555, which was signed into law as Act 55 by Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

The corporation is governed by a five-member board of directors. Three state agencies are represented on the board either by its director or their designee. The agencies include the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism; the Department of Budget and Finance; and the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

One member is appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives, and one member is appointed by the Senate president.

The proposed adoption of a new Chapter 13-301, HAR, Practice and Procedure, establishes operating procedures for the PLDC.

It contains general provisions relating to the office location and hours, board meetings and delegation of authority to the executive director, and sets forth procedures for proceedings before the board, contested case hearings, declaratory rulings, and petitions for amendment, adoption or repeal of administrative rules.

Proposed adoption of the new Chapter 13-302, HAR, Public Land Development Program, sets forth a procedure for the PLDC to initiate, by itself or with qualified persons, or enter into cooperative agreements with qualified persons for the development or financing of projects that make optimal use of public land for the economic, environmental and social benefit of the people of Hawaii.

Proposed adoption of a new Chapter 13-303, HAR, Project Facility Program, establishes a procedure for undertaking and financing any project facility as part of a project. Project facilities include improvements, roads and streets, utility and service corridors, utility lines, water and irrigation systems, lighting systems, security systems, sanitary sewerage systems and other community facilities where applicable.

All interested persons are urged to attend the public hearing to present relevant information and individual opinions for PLDC to consider.

Persons unable to attend or wishing to present additional comments may e-mail randal.y.ikeda@hawaii.gov or postmark written testimony by Friday, Sept. 14, 2012 to: PLDC, P.O. Box 2359, Honolulu, HI 96804.

More information on the PLDC is available at www.hawaii.gov/dlnr/pldc.

Copies of the proposed rules are available online at hawaii.gov /dlnr/pldc/rules. n