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Ka‘anapali 2020 continues to move forward

By Staff | Jun 7, 2012

West Maui residents have shaped the vision for Ka‘anapali 2020.

KAANAPALI – Thirteen years ago, Kaanapali Land Management Corp. reached out to the community to help shape their 1,156-acre property called “Ka’anapali 2020.” Fast forward to today, and the project is still working its way through an arduous approval process that has undergone various economic and political cycles, company leadership changes and rigorous state and county requirements. But despite the obstacles, the future for Ka’anapali 2020 looks bright thanks to a dedicated group of community stakeholders who serve as the catalyst and visionaries for this master-planned West Maui community.

The project vision includes a mix of housing, recreational facilities, health care facilities (including a hospital), open space, and public and commercial facilities. The first phase of this master-planned community, called “Pu`ukoli`i Village Mauka,” has been granted the necessary land entitlements from the county and state to move forward, and construction plans are currently being processed.

Recently, some of the community stakeholders who have worked with Kaanapali Land Management Corp. in the planning for Ka’anapali 2020 shared their thoughts on the project.

“There are so many people who want to see this project realized, as it offers a number of benefits for West Maui, including affordable housing.” Hans Michel

“What I learned through this planning process is that there are so many variables in developing a community – some of which you have no control over. I’ve learned a great deal by being involved in this process.” John Kuia

“Although this planning process has taken a while, I’m proud of what our team has accomplished, because we did it the right way.” Bob Kawaguchi

“I support community-based planning and would like to see Ka’anapali 2020’s process used for all developments.” Eve Clute

“Ka’anapali 2020 is clearly an excellent planning process model, as every concerned individual has the opportunity to have his/her ideas heard and processed. No one can complain that they never knew about the project. It is all out front!” Paul Laub

“Hawaii residents want an opportunity to have input in what happens in their communities, and this Ka’anapali 2020 planning process provided just that.” Joe Pluta

Kaanapali Land Management Corp. extends a big mahalo to all the dedicated individuals who have helped to shape the vision for Ka’anapali 2020 – a place we can all be proud of. For more information on Ka’anapali 2020, visit www.KaanapaliLand.com.