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Is it time to buy a Maui home?

By Staff | May 10, 2012

Contact Joline Dorner at Lowson & Associates for information on Kapalua Ridge 1711.

As the economy on Maui is improving, one of the important indicators is the decrease in the amount of available rental housing. If you are getting tired of moving every time your rental home or condo sells, it may be time to consider buying your own home.

There is still well-priced available housing inventory on Maui. Loan rates remain at historic lows. Home ownership can be a good investment for qualified buyers. No matter which market we are in, it does not seem that it will ever change. An example in a declining market is it may feel like things will never get better, while in a rising market, it seems as if the good times and rapidly rising values will go on forever. Many signs are pointing to a rise in home prices on Maui.

If you are ready to own your own home, or a second home on Maui, it is time to sharpen your pencil and figure out what type of property will work best for you. With good credit scores and cash for a down payment, all you need is the go-ahead from a local lender. Call a local lender and ask to make an appointment on how you can get on the path to homeownership.

Paul Brewbaker, economist, made an interesting statement several years ago: “Each generation will have up to three or four opportunities during their lifetime to purchase a home.” He called the real estate market in 2010 one of those opportunities for entering the real estate market at a low point in property values. As Maui climbs out of this low point in the real estate market values, make sure you do not let this opportunity to become a homeowner pass you by.

For many Americans, their home is their main investment. Even with the loss of value in many homes over the past four years, a home gives you a place to live, a potential tax savings and something to call your own. In many instances, homes lost less value than stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

The photo from Kapalua Ridge 1711 is of a highly upgraded one-bedroom/two-bath townhouse listed for sale by Joline Dorner, R(S), of Lowson & Associates; call (808) 276-9015. Ridge #1711 has panoramic ocean views and is located just off the ninth hole of the Kapalua Bay Course. Kapalua Ridge units make excellent first or second homes for the person who enjoys the resort lifestyle.

For more information on becoming a first or second homeowner, please call Laurie S. Lowson, R(B), at Lowson & Associates at (808) 276-8001 or check out Maui MLS listings at www.Lowson.com.