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Benefits of hiring a Vacation Rental manager

By Staff | Mar 29, 2012

Monte D. Fitts, Realtors are experienced and trusted Property and Vacation Rental management providers.

Unless you are an accountant or an attorney, you probably don’t prepare your own taxes or perform your own legal work. For services this important, you hire a professional. The same should hold true when you think about Property and Vacation Rental management of your Maui home.

The professional you select represents YOUR interests. You are still in control; you are simply delegating to a service provider who is an industry expert. Many homeowners go it alone, convinced they are saving money and that it doesn’t take that much time to manage their property themselves. This is precisely the type of thinking that your competition is hoping you employ.

Professional managers improve the lives of you, the homeowner, maintain your property and put money in your pocket at the same time.

Here are a few of the advantages:

Marketing: Professional management firms collaborate with you to determine how your property should be positioned relative to current market trends and competitive properties. They will advise on issues that may lower operating expenses, increase return or add new sources of revenue.

Client Base: Management companies have a strong base of existing, prescreened clients which they will advertise your property to. You don’t have to worry about renting to unknown parties or spending additional funds to obtain rental guests.

Responsiveness: Do you really want to deal with the phone call that comes in the middle of the night, or when you’re in a meeting, out with your family, on the golf course, etc.? Professional management firms are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cost Savings: Professional management firms can offer economies of scale using the size of their companies to negotiate prices and assure high quality and rapid response time.

Accounting: Your management company collects the rental income, pays the taxes and disburses the rest to you. No need to worry about being in compliance.

Regulatory & Compliance: Professional management firms are familiar with federal, state and local codes and tax regulations that may impact your property.

Vendor Management: Using your management firm as a single point of contact to manage vendors is the key to found time. Not having to deal with managing multiple vendor relationships is worth its weight in gold.

Monte D. Fitts, Realtors offers several Property and Vacation Rental management options. Whether you rent your Maui property yourself and just need a little assistance, or if you want to rest easy and to put your property entirely in our hands, we have a program that will work for you. We want you to benefit from our expertise.

In 2012, Monte D. Fitts, Realtors is celebrating 30 years of serving the real estate and property management needs of West Maui homeowners. We specialize in the sale of residential and resort properties, condominiums and home sites in Maui’s most exclusive neighborhoods and are the operators of The Whaler Vacation Rental Program. Put our expertise to work for you by calling toll-free at (877) 808-8484, locally at 661-8863 or stop by our office conveniently located in Whalers Village, Suite A-1. Search all MLS listings on Maui on our website at www.montefitts.com.