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A road map to picture perfect sales

By Staff | Jun 23, 2011

Lynda Wynne Lyons, R(S), is “Your Expert in Barefoot Luxury.”

It can be tough in this market to stand out of the crowd. The initial step in setting your home apart begins with a Realtor evaluation of your property against all your competition. You and your Realtor can objectively plan a road map to the best way of getting noticed.

With the number of properties currently for sale in West Maui, buyers want to see the best in their price point and still enjoy their time on our wonderful island. Typically your home has one shot at a showing, and you need to leave a great first impression.

Coat of Paint — It seems so simple but so overlooked. Surf, sun and sand made the Coppertone ad look great, but can take a toll on any home. A quick paint refresher will do wonders for the sales process. Very bold, bright or extremely dark colors can change a buyer’s mind quickly. Soft, neutral colors allow the buyer to “picture: themselves in the space. Don’t forget cabinets and doors. A quick new coat of new paint can make the dingy look crisp and the dull look bright.

Minor Repairs — Whether you live in your home or rent it out to vacationers, you can know the repairs that need to be done. Obviously, the more noticeable significant repairs must be completed before the first photo is taken. Secondly, fix all the little things you may have put off. Don’t give the perspective buyers the chance to make a list of needed repairs and put in a low offer — or not make an offer at all.

New Fixtures — Nothing updates a home faster than new cabinet and drawer pulls. Cabinet designs haven’t changed that drastically, but the hardware on the cabinets have. New faucets and updated light fixtures can make all the difference. The round globe bulbs over the bathroom vanity may look up-to-date to Thomas Edison, but not to today’s buyer. Imagine you’re a buyer looking at numerous condos and/or homes in a day that are all average. Then you walk into a similar place, but it has beautiful quality lights/matching faucets and cabinet hardware; without much effort you are looking a lot better for the price.

Finishing Touches — This normally is the easiest and has the most impact. Staging allows the potential buyer the opportunity to visualize themselves in the unit. Put away all items not vital to everyday living or that add to a cluttered look. Store away any furniture not needed — the less there is, the more perceived open space there is. Dirty, tired and cluttered are generally the last to sell.

Now, the most important step in the marketing process: photographs! It’s where you can capture the buyer’s attention. To be honest, buyers skim the written description but study in depth your photographs. It is amazing how many sellers take little to no effort in telling the story of their property with photographs. Remember the old adage, “Image is everything?” In these days of visual media, nothing could be more true. It’s the initial “Curb Appeal” of the new millennia, and it can’t be stressed enough. You would not consider an online first date without a picture; a prospective buyer considers the home buying process with the same mindset.

So call me today, and as your listing agent, we can get your home “picture perfect” and ready for the buyers.

With over 25 years of Real Estate expertise in residential and resort properties, let me help you with all your real estate needs. You can find me at Monte D. Fitts, Realtors at Whalers Village, (808) 385-8282 or lwlyons@live.com to receive professional, responsive service.