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Seven tips to guide your home search

By Staff | Dec 2, 2010

Research before you look

What kind of property will you be searching for: home site, residence or a condominium? Decide what features are most important in your future home, preferable neighborhoods and how much you would be willing and able to spend each month for this property.

Realistic expectations 

It’s okay to have a wish list but be realistic with your expectations. Remember that no property will be the “perfect” property, but instead use your list of priorities to weigh and evaluate each property. 

Limit opinions

Don’t ask too many people for their opinion on your home search. Different tastes will lend different responses, and this can be maddening when making such an important decision. Select one or two trusted people for second opinions should you need the support, but be prepared and willing to make the final decision for yourself.

Relocation timeline

If you have a lease, when is it up, and can you sublet? What is the rental market like in your area? If you are planning a large move from one state to another, plan for moving expenses and delays. When moving to Maui, trans-Pacific shipping is unavoidable for large objects like vehicles and furniture. To limit shipping costs and delays, consider furnished properties. 

Think long-term

What type of home are you looking for? A starter with plans to move up in a few years? Do you hope to stay in this home for a long period? Will it be a vacation home or investment property? This choice dictates the type of home you buy, location and the type of mortgage terms that will best suit your purchase. 

Get your finances in order

The current financial market has tighter loan requirements than in years past. Although this type of regulation is good, understanding what you can afford each month, and what the required down payment percentage is, will make the home buying process much smoother now and in the long run. 

Use a Realtor

The key to a smooth home buying experience is hiring a real estate professional. This person will be able to navigate the above concerns with knowledge and experience (source: Realtor.com). 

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