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Preparing your home for sale

By Staff | Oct 7, 2010

In a real estate market where the inventory is saturated and prices are low, competition is stiff. But that does not mean that homeowners who choose to sell will be forced “to give their property away.” Spending some time preparing for the sale of your home is key to success in a buyer’s market.


No matter the value or expense paid, if a home sits in a neglected yard or in a state of visual disrepair, potential home buyers will not see the true value of a home, and the offers — should there be any — will reflect this. Therefore, landscaping is pertinent. Make sure the grass is cut, the trees are trimmed and the house has a fresh coat of paint.


If the outside is inviting, buyers will be interested in touring the interior. Try to remove personal items and clutter from your home, and remove excess furniture from the rooms to give a sense of space. Potential home buyers want an example of what the house could look like — not what the home looks like that belongs to another family. Special attention should be paid to the kitchen and bathrooms. They should look as modern and functional as possible. A fresh coat of paint and good cleaning will do wonders.


Small nuisances such as a leaky faucet, a stuck window or hard to reach, burned out light bulbs should be addressed before putting a home on the market. Buyers expect everything in their “new” home to operate properly and safely. If left undone, this will cause buyers to question if there are bigger problems lurking in the home.


Buying or selling a home is emotional; after all, it really is the American Dream. But it is important to keep a level head when going into the selling process. Look at your home as if you have never seen it before. What would you be concerned about or change? What features are most appealing? Take your answers and use them to fix flaws and feature the best parts of your home.


Selling a home without a professional is time-consuming and frustrating — definitely true in the current market. A realtor is instrumental in pricing a home for the market conditions while considering the value and advertising the home. The right realtor has numerous connections that will aid in a smooth sale of your home.

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www.realtown.com/articles/view/five-pointers-when-selling-your-home, and www.realtor.com/Basics/Sell/PrepHome/SetStage.asp.)