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Whalers Realty progresses in Hi-Tech Times

By Staff | Nov 5, 2009

Check Whalers Realty listings anywhere with their mobile website: mobile.whalersrealty.com.

KAANAPALI — Whalers Realty has always been on the cutting edge of new technology. This started when WRI was one of the first Maui real estate companies to have personal computers, and then they were one of the first firms to create an Internet website on the World Wide Web.

The Internet made it possible to find real estate listings “online,” and many prospective buyers were thrilled with this new convenience. For the first time, you could get a wealth of great information on hundreds of properties without leaving home. Even better, you could sort through the active listings with search tools that allowed you to set specific parameters for the type of property you were interested in.

Now, Whalers Realty has taken this convenience a step further.

“With so many people now connecting to the web by iPhone, Blackberry and other PDAs,” Whalers Realty’s owner and Principal Broker, Robert “Bob” Cartwright, explained, “it is more important than ever to provide information to the consumer through this new medium.”

Today’s consumers want to access information about a property as soon as they hear about it, or as they see the property while driving through a neighborhood.

“Our society is moving away from the desktop and becoming ever more mobile by utilizing these new smart phones to access information and entertainment on the go,” he added.

Understanding this new trend is here to stay, Whalers Realty has launched their new mobile website, mobile.whalersrealty.com, which provides real-time real estate information 24 hours a day. 

When you visit mobile.whalersrealty.com, you will have access to a comprehensive Search Form where you can enter a general or very specific search for properties in Maui just as easily and thoroughly as you would on your computer at home. If you personally find the phone or PDA to be too tedious a medium to obtain this type of information, consider that the search is not all that you can do. There are other great features you may utilize, such as their Real Estate Glossary. So, should you be new to real estate, or it is your first time shopping for a home, the glossary can assist you in getting your bearings on Hawaii’s real estate terminology. 

The Property Statistics Tool allows you to collect data on a specific property. There is also an Area Statistics Tool that provides neighborhood statistics, including the number of listings, the average and median sales prices, and volume in sales of specific type properties within a specified neighborhood, such as Kaanapali homes or condos.

“We believe that staying current with advancements in technology is vital in taking care of consumers in today’s environment, and it is critical in ensuring the sellers we represent that the information on their home is reaching this demographic group who tend to be more educated and affluent,” Cartwright explained.

In addition to staying current with technology, Whalers Realty maintains three sales office/open house locations on Maui. These offices are beneficial in promoting our sellers’ properties, as they are located in high-traffic areas such as Whalers Village, the Fairway Shops at Kaanapali, and Kaanapali Shores, all of which attract a high-caliber clientele.

Whalers Realty also maintains an informational sales center at Lanikeha, a prestigious new neighborhood offering custom home sites, which is located within the Master Planned Community known as Kaanapali Golf Estates. When you are ready to expand or modify your real estate portfolio, remember to “Ask for the Best” and call Bob & Tess and the professionals at Whalers Realty. Call (808) 661-8777 or visit www.whalersrealty.com.