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From garden to table: Small farms in Launiupoko

By Staff | Sep 17, 2009

Maui Breeze Plantation offers fresh vegetables.

LAHAINA — Wow! We have some of the freshest produce right here in our own back yard in West Maui! If you haven’t discovered the small farms in the agricultural subdivisions of Launiupoko, Makila, Puunoa or Olowalu located just south of Lahaina, you will be in for a wonderful surprise.

I went to visit Maui Breeze Plantation’s five-acre farm in Makila. Follow the bright green signs leading up the Launiupoko hill and it will take you straight to this family-run farm. There is easy access into well-cared-for rows of fresh veggies ripe for the picking. John Whittle and his sister, Christy Kaster, will walk you through, picking out huge cucumbers, beautiful purple eggplants, bright peppers and beets fresh from the source. John even provides spontaneous cooking tips along the way. Maui Breeze Plantation is also a great source for landscaping plants at the most reasonable prices I’ve seen in a long time. They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or call them at 757-0678.

Another gift from the ‘aina is Theo Morrison’s Neighborhood Farm. The quaint Neighborhood Farm produces fresh eggs, luscious fruits and crisp vegetables. A farm harvest list is e-mailed weekly with details about the crops that will be available that week. People on the list e-mail back their selections, which are either delivered or are available for pickup. There is no charge or obligation to be on the list. Delivery is only from Kapalua to Launiupoko; e-mail Theo at thefarm@hawaii.rr.com.

The Neighborhood Farm is building a farm stand at 65 Awaiku St. in Launiupoko, which will be open daily at the end of the month. The farm stand will feature fresh produce and eggs and serve as a pickup site for orders. You can leave messages and orders at 667-5150.

I’m not "eggsaggerating"… fresh eggs are the best! Damon and Margo Gill of Hulukea Farms have 80 chickens that produce big brown eggs! They can be reached at 661-3914 to place orders.

How about having your next child’s birthday party at Lahaina Animal Farm? They will do hay rides showing off their St. Croix sheep, goats, horses, desert tortoises, ducks and chickens. Then off to a pony or horse ride and picnic lunch. The day culminates in an arts and crafts project the kids can take home. You can also buy fresh eggs, fresh herbs, papayas and bananas. Contact Teresa Waters at 280-2597.

These are just a few of the bountiful treasures you can find in the small acreage farms in Launiupoko and Makila. Let’s support our local neighbors and reward ourselves with delectable fresh produce grown right in our own backyards!

If you would like to add your farm to our list, or would like more information about any of the West Maui neighborhoods mentioned, please e-mail me at DebArakaki@Gmail.com or call me at (808) 283-7214.